Sunday, April 21, 2013

Senators and Reps: 'Confident' Your Civil Rights Create Terror

This is an alert. 

If you have eaten any foodstuffs within the last 90 minutes (give or take - I don't want a lawsuit) you are advised to Halt reading now to avoid a fit of vomiting that may destroy your computer. If you are currently at work in your Homeland Security office building, feel free to spew up all over the cubicle. 

Still here? You have now been warned.....

So the Eric Holder's ''''''''Justice Deprartment'''''''''' decided

not to read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his 
Miranda rights upon his arrest in Boston
Friday. By all appearances their 
only living prime suspect STILL has not 
been advised of his right against self-
incrimination. That warmed many Republican's hearts. 

What is interesting isn't the fact that Tsarnaev does not warrant being properly Mirandized. That still happens frequently across America, in 'inconsequential' cases where a suspect will be handcuffed, told he or she is 'not under arrest, this is for officer safety that you are cuffed'and then asked a number of questions that if the suspect answers will tend to be incriminating. If you don't yet comprehend how INSANELY STUPID it is to talk to police any time you encounter them, you need to read this post and then visit Cop Block and read up for your sake and the sake of your friends and family. 

No, what is interesting is that on Saturday US Senators and Congressmen; men who apparently swore an oath to 'uphold the Constitution' were defending the idea that another slice of muscle should be excised from every American's Constitutional rights... that the knife should be wieled because a 'Muslim Man' and his 'Muslim Brother' are 'responsible' for this 'National Tragedy' in Boston and therefore Dzhokhar may know of more terrorist plans since he may be a member of one or more of the Hundreds of Trillions of Muslim Terror Cells spread out across America. 

Let's step back for a moment and reflect on our 2nd amendment rights. Many enjoy hunting everything from snakes to alligators; deer to bear. While that ain't my cup of tea I freely admit to being a two-faced meateater - I'll happily dig into the steak but I really care for no part of the death or slaughtering. But, as I've argued Here, Americans have already lost the right to bare arms if their wish is to frighten the State with their little rifles and shotguns and revolvers. The 'assault rifle' game the government is playing should be seen for what it is: A simple distraction. 

What all of us are losing today isn't the 'right to bare arms' or your or my right to 'free speech'. There will be time for those. This is an incremental theft of liberty - it always has been. That's why so many in the populace view each Rights grab as being independent of another. Many 2nd amendment rights advocates won't say a fucking word today after our 5th amendment rights have been further curtailed. In fact, there are many Americans  who are happy that another civil right just vanished. Why? Because they have been trained by the 'Right Wing' to believe rights against self-incrimination and other speech and freedom of self determination and expression are 'liberal' and therefore aren't as important as the right to tune the radio into Weiner-Savage/RushLimbo show and tune their televisions into Fox to 'hear' 'free speech'.

They trust that dirtbags like NY congressman Peter King, because he labels himself a 'republican' is therefore a hero against terror (he always is good at putting Israel ahead of every other nation, including the one he represents, so that is a big plus, too.)  Of course they know nothing of King's ties to the Irish Republican Army, a 'Terror Organization' according to the British Government. As the old saying goes, 'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'.  

Here should be a thought provoking interview with  the pussy, lindsey graham

Relax, lovers of selected amendments... your guns won't be taken. 


But when you finally decide you need a Civil Right, you'll find them inoperable. They'll be there but so re-defined as to only be of service to the Ruling Class.  You'll find you have no right to speak out and organize others; you have no right march on Washington or for redress.  When the US Military is staring at you with all its might and you stare back thru the scope on your  .22 caliber rifle... that's when your gun rights will as good as vanish.  And it is then you'll (or your children or grandchildren)  have wished you had organized with us. You'll wish you had invested time to learn about 9/11. To learn about 7/7. Wish you'd taken advantage of your curiousity to investigate what is real and what is false and not relied on corporations to tell you what is true and real. 

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