Friday, March 29, 2013

Vincent Browne

It is so rare to spot a real, live, working journalist these days I just could not resist stealing borrowing this exquisite video from BuelahMan's Blog (and Digger for Truth's blog) and sharing it here. 

Ireland's most respected (in a few circles, anyway) journalist,  County Limerick born Vincent Browne, is currently employed by the Irish Times and has a news program on TV3. 

As Wikipedia gleefully notes, On 23 October 2012, while presenting Tonight with Vincent Browne, he referred to Israel as "the cancer in foreign affairs", and said Israel "polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world" and that the Jews "stole the land from the Arabs" with the creation of Israel. Israel's deputy ambassador to Ireland considered Browne's comments to be "racist, anti-Semitic remarks".

But this video is not directly about israel, but rather Browne's handling of bankers at a recent presser. A work of art. 

These dirtbags refuse to answer direct questions because to give a direct answer would serve to prove the great fraud that's being played by the banking elite on humans worldwide. 

Someone, buy Mr. Browne a Guinness (if the bankers haven't stole all your money yet, that is). 

Diamonds Are A Jew's Best Friend

I'm working on a new article/post and it is one I believe will be of interest though in digging into the subject I'm finding more avenues to read up on and thus, while early yesterday I expected to have it posted by this evening, I see it is still off on the hazy horizon (that, or I'm eyeing another mirage and if that's the case it will be a big disappointment for me).   

So instead here's another subject about which I knew little, yet in reading a small portion of this book found my interest piqued. 

If you've had the pleasure of reading Robert Friedman's 

Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, you likely came away with a deeper understanding of how the jewish 'people' and mindset both control organized crime at the highest levels and use politicians and the worldwide banking industry to further their goals.  Friedman, a jew, deserves a great deal of credit for bringing this particular slice of jewish reality to light. A non-jew would have never obtained the insight, in particular when it came to 1 on 1 interviews with jewish mafia figures. By virtue of his birth, Friedman had the connections. A smart man, he used those connections to reveal a bit of truth that had previously been hidden from gentile's eyes. 

Another jewish con played on the rest of us is the great Diamond swindle (though, to be honest gentiles caught up in this swindle have their own ego to blame) and the con is featured in a book published in 1982, Edward Jay Epstein's The Diamond Invention

Diamonds are, like oil, plentiful. Unlike oil, there's little intrinsic value to a diamond. It traditionally has value in manufacturing endeavors but, otherwise it is just a glassy looking rock that's far from eye-catching.

 That was until the Oppenheimer family and jewish Hollywood joined forces and made gentiles think diamonds = Love; and while Oppenheimer cornered the world market thru his DeBeers' and its spinoffs, much money was spent to both buy politicians and sell the public. 

And in this case we have another jewish author to thank for pulling back the curtain on DeBeers (the cartel) and revealing how this phony operation works, and again it is likely only a fellow jew would have been given the access, including interviews with Harry Oppenheimer and allowed to visit a number of Oppenheimer's mines.

Epstein's investigative work did not rise to the level of Friedman's (for a cartel to operate a global network apparently out of South Africa with a number of satellite corporate offices and control virtually the entire world's production and sale of 1 item requires an awful lot of bribery and/or 'twisting of arms').  Too bad Epstein didn't delve into this too deeply. Yet it is an interesting case study of how it was possible in the 20th century for a single entity to manage seemingly divergent businesses. I have a strong suspicion the oil industry works in much the same manner. Banking too, at its apex. 

So, if you haven't read The Diamond Invention, consider it. I'd provide the entire book here, but for whatever reason, Epstein makes it available for free on his website. Thus, here is the link and the following, to whet your whistle, is taken from Chapter 4 (Pics are supplied by yours truly):

The forbidden zone was a world unto itself.

 The only means of entering it was the Ernest Oppenheimer Bridge, which spanned the Orange River frontier between South Africa and Namibia. Armed guards manned barricades at both the South African and Namibian ends of the bridge. Before I was permitted to pass into the forbidden zone, I had to be met by an escort from the diamond company and issued a plastic security badge.

Inside the forbidden zone is the city of Oranjemund, with its own food-producing farms and reservoirs. The vast mining area runs alongside the Atlantic Ocean. To enter into the mining area, one has to insert his plastic security badge into a slot in the wall and wait for a door to slide open automatically. The central computer, which opens and closes these passageways, tracks the comings and goings of everyone in the mining area. De Beers' helicopters constantly patrol overhead, and closely monitor the activities of the fishing craft that pass by in the ocean (even though the enormous waves would make landing a boat on the beach all but impossible). Behind the beach, a pack of Alsatian guard dogs patrol the no-man's-land between the two barbwire fences. And behind the barbwire fences is the Namib Desert, one of the most inhospitable areas on earth. It is made impenetrable by 1,000-foot-high sand dunes and 120 degree temperatures.

The extraordinary security procedures are considered necessary in Namibia because what is recovered from the 200 mile-long beach is not kimberlite ore but pure gem diamonds, which can be easily pocketed by anyone. In one small crevice in a rock outcropping, some 15,000 carats of sparkling diamonds were found on this beach some years ago.
The mine, if it can be called a mine, is actually the continental shelf of the Atlantic Ocean. To get at the richest lodes of diamonds, the ocean must be literally pushed back and held back long enough to dig out the diamonds. The mechanism for holding back the pounding surf is a ten-story high mound, which, 600 feet out in the ocean, runs parallel to the beach.
Standing on this sandy mound, I looked down into the "mine," which was actually the exposed floor of the ocean. It was an incredible sight; a full-scale battle between man and nature.
"You are looking at the largest construction project in the Southern Hemisphere," observed Clive Cowley. Cowley had been the editor of Namibia's leading newspaper, the Windhoek Advertiser; now he was the chief public affairs officer of De Beers in Namibia. He pointed to the thousands of workers and machines below. Giant bulldozers were belching smoke and scraping the ground with their blades like some kind of prehistoric animal. Powerful pumps were sucking the water out of the mining area through hoses as fast as it sprayed in over the barrier. Ovambo tribesmen, knee-deep in pools of water, were frantically sweeping the gravel off outcrops of rock on the ocean's floor as if they feared that at any moment the barrier might give way, like a sand castle on a beach, and the ocean would come flooding in.
In the center of all this activity was an enormous piece of machinery, more than a football field in length and two stories high, mounted on caterpillar tracks. A continuous belt of steel buckets traveled around it, like cars on a ferris wheel, scooping up sand at one end and depositing it at the other end. It was the largest machine I had ever seen.
"That's the bucket wheel excavator," Cowley explained. "It cost $3.5 million to build, and it can move 1,800 tons of sand an hour." The sand must be stripped away before the workers, called lashers, can get at the diamond-rich gravel.
The Ovambo tribesmen worked with their primitive tools in the shadow of this colossal machine. The contrast between tribal and modern technology was striking. Ironically,, as Cowley pointed out, it was the tribesmen, not the multimillion-dollar machine, who recovered most of the diamonds. These Ovambos had been recruited to work in the ocean mine in the jungles of Ovamba land, a thousand miles to the north. According to Cowley, they usually received eight month contracts from the diamond company. They would board a Hercules cargo plane, leaving their families behind on the kraal, and fly to Oranjemund.
"They have to be literally fought off the plane," Cowley said. For just sweeping the gravel from the rocks, they received $200 a month. For driving trucks and other more skilled jobs, they earned up to $450 a month. This salary is completely exempt from taxes. Their own expense for their eight-month stay at the mines is $22 a month for their dormitory room and food. "By the time they return to Ovamba land, they have enough money to buy cattle, land or even a wife," Cowley concluded.
Suddenly, a tractor the size of a locomotive came racing toward us. As it passed, an Ovambo waved from the cab. He then maneuvered the vehicle precariously on the edge of the mound, which was only about sixty feet wide, and dumped a load of dirt on top of it. Cowley explained that these tractors wage an around-the-clock battle with the Atlantic Ocean. Waves constantly rip away the sand, and these tractors, each of which carries a thirty-five-ton load of sand, constantly fill the breeches in the barrier. If an opening were not immediately filled, the ocean would break through and submerge the entire mine under fifty feet of sea water.
Every day, more than 100 million pounds of sand and gravel are dug out of the ocean mine. From the massive moving of the earth and holding back of the ocean, about two and a half to three pounds of diamonds are recovered each day. "All this effort, and more, purely for the vanity of women," Cowley added, with an edge of irony in his voice. That irony was only compounded by the fact that De Beers had millions of dollars invested in advertising to take advantage of this vanity.
When I viewed the day's catch in the sorting house, which was that day about 6,ooo carats, I saw that unlike in Botswana and Lesotho there were no black or discolored diamonds in the tray. These were clearly not industrial-grade diamonds, but white, well-formed gem diamonds.
"These aren't the same sort of diamonds that come out of a pipe mine," Cowley said. "They have been pounded by ocean waves for millions of years. The inferior diamonds have been smashed to bits eons ago. Only the fittest survive, and these are pure gems."
Pointing to the container of diamonds that had been recovered from the ocean floor that day, he continued, "There are probably more pure gems in that dish than have been recovered today in all the pipe mines in South Africa combined." Cowley estimated that this single day's production would bring in over $1-5 million when they were sold by De Beers in London.
The profits on these Namibian diamonds were enormous. It cost no more to mine and separate these gem diamonds than it did for the industrial-grade diamonds that constituted the bulk of the production of most other mines. Yet these gems sold for one hundred times the price of industrial diamonds. From the four-hundred million dollars in revenues it took in the preceding year for these Namibian diamonds, De Beers realized a net profit of more than two hundred million dollars, making Namibia De Beers' money spinner.
After we left the sorting house, Cowley took me over to see an extraordinary scrap yard. It was enclosed by barbwire ; and filled with enough antique machines to stock a museum. "Once a vehicle or piece of equipment ever enters the mining area, it is never allowed to leave," Cowley said. He explained that this prohibition was necessary in order to prevent anyone from smuggling diamonds out concealed in a piece of equipment. Since it was not practical to attempt to search for an object as small as a diamond, De Beers simply assigned all the vehicles and machines, when they became outmoded, to this graveyard.
This tangle of relics encapsulated the history of the Namibian diamonds. There was, for example, a train of turn-of-the-century railroad cars with German markings. "Namibia was a German colony when diamonds were first found here at the turn of the century," Cowley said. He explained that the diamond fields were then about 100 miles north of Oranjemund. To mine the diamonds, the Germans had built Teutonic towns at Pomona and Kolinanskop, complete with beerhalls and skittle alleys. "The Germans had the blacks sweep the streets every day to keep the sand out of their houses. When they could no longer find ;my diamonds on the beaches they abandoned these towns to the desert. It has become a ghost town; the beerhall is now filled with sand, sand comes halfway tip the walls inside the houses..."
There was also an ominous looking World War 11 battle tank with a British insignia on it. A huge steel blade had been welded in front of the gun turret. "De Beers converted these tanks to bulldozers after the war," Cowley continued, "because there was no bridge across the Orange River then and it was next to impossible to float heavy equipment across on barges." It took until the mid nineteen-fifties before the bridge was built.
Since De Beers' geologist found that most of the diamond lodes were on the ocean floor, a method had to be devised of holding the ocean back, Cowley explained. Assisted by oceanographers at the University of Capetown, engineers initially experimented with the idea of altering the ocean's current so that it would rip up the beach and redeposit the sand farther from the shoreline. This would create a natural barrier behind which the workers could sweep the diamonds out from the bedrock. To shift the direction of the ocean current, they dug a channel across the beach. Unfortunately, the ocean refused to follow the predicted course, and the engineers gave up on the attempt to harness the sea.
Next, the engineers attempted to erect an earthen dam in the ocean at low tide and cover it with a gigantic canvas tarpaulin before the tide returned. They postulated that the tarpaulin would prevent the ocean from dissolving the dam. Working in a rising tide, it took nearly two hours to lash down this cover. Less than an hour later, the waves ripped the tarpaulin to shreds.
The De Beers engineers had to return to their drawing boards. Finally, in the early 1960s, they came up with a system for building a series of dams that would be replenished with sand from the mine as fast as the ocean could strip it away. "After a good deal of trial and error it worked Cowley concluded.
Leaving the mining area, we had to pass through a long narrow building. Along one wall were large mirrors, which, Cowley explained, were two-way glasses through which security guards observed everyone passing through. At the end of one maze-like corridor, there was a turnstile that led to two closed doors, side by side. We went through the turnstile, waited; then a buzzer sounded, and the door on the right opened. "If the other door had opened, you would have had to undergo both an X-ray and body search," Cowley said. He explained that the selection of who gets searched is completely at random. It would be medically dangerous to subject workers to constant dosages of X-rays, therefore only a small percentage of those who passed out of the mining area each day were actually searched. "Everyone from Harry Oppenheimer to Ovambo workers have to pass through that turnstile, and they never know which door is going to open," Cowley added, as he again inserted our security badges into the slot at the end of the passageway.
The last door buzzed opened, and a moment later we were walking down a suburban street in Oranjemund. The transition from the moonscape-like mine to the familiarity of the modern city was somewhat unsettling.
We dined that evening with a group of De Beers executives at the Hexen Kcssel. The decor and cuisine were meant to evoke an "Old World" European spirit, but, like everything else in Oranjemund, the restaurant had been designed and built by De Beers. As far as the De Beers executives were concerned, the Namibian diamond mining operation was a reality that had been created by De Beers. If a revolutionary government ever forced De Beers to relinquish the concession, one executive suggested that mines would be flooded by the ocean in a matter of months, and no more diamonds ever would be recovered. So the forces of nationalism in Namibia would have to come to terms with the diamond cartel.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buried History, Part II

NAFTA (or North American Free Trade Agreement) created the climate where many Mexican Nationals, Central and even Southern Americans have no choice but to come North, to Gringo-land, in order to secure some sort of future for themselves and their family.

Smiles all around as they're thinking of the orphanage they'll soon visit for a private 'fun d raiser'

Comin' or Goin'?

One simple example: In the Veracruz region of Mexico, prior to NAFTA, many families were in the business of raising, slaughtering, and selling pigs. The area's proximity to Mexico City allowed families to provide for themselves on small family owned plots of land by helping to feed the largest city in North America. 
A typical Mexican family farm. Some Maize, a few cattle, a good dog.  A few chickens and swine not shown (but members of Congress were unable to make it for the photo shoot)

 Then came Smithfield Farms and NAFTA: "In 1993 Carroll Foods, a giant hog-raising corporation, partnered with a Mexican agribusiness enterprise to set up a huge pig farm known as Granjas Carroll de Mexico (GCM) in Veracruz’s Perote Valley. Smithfield, which had a longtime partnership with Carroll Foods, bought the company out in 1999.  By 2008  the Perote operation was sending close to a million pigs to slaughter every year—85 percent to Mexico City and the rest to surrounding Mexican states. Because of its location in the mountains above the city of Veracruz, Mexico’s largest port, the operation could easily receive imported corn for feed, which makes up two-thirds of the cost of raising hogs. NAFTA lifted the barriers on Smithfield’s ability to import feed. This gave it an enormous advantage over Mexican producers, as US corn, heavily subsidized by US farm bills, was much cheaper. “After NAFTA,” says Timothy Wise, of the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University, US corn “was priced 19 percent below the cost of production.”
Bargain 'Holiday Hams' by Smithfield

But Smithfield didn’t just import feed into Mexico. NAFTA allowed it to import pork as well.
According to Alejandro Ramírez, general director of the Confederation of Mexican Pork Producers, Mexico imported 30,000 tons of pork in 1995, the year after NAFTA took effect. By 2010 pork imports, almost all from the United States, had grown more than twenty-five times, to 811,000 tons. As a result, pork prices received by Mexican producers dropped 56 percent. US pork exports are dominated by the largest companies. Wise estimates that Smithfield’s share of this export market is significantly greater than its 27 percent share of US production.

Imported pork had a dramatic effect on Mexican jobs. “We lost 4,000 pig farms,” Ramírez estimates, based on reports received by the confederation from its members. “On Mexican farms, each 100 animals produce five jobs, so we lost 20,000 farm jobs directly from imports. Counting the five indirect jobs dependent on each direct job, we lost over 120,000 jobs in total.”
In a 2005 study for the Mexican government, the World Bank found that the extreme rural poverty rate of 35 percent in 1992–94, before NAFTA, jumped to 55 percent in 1996–98, after NAFTA took effect. This could be explained, the report said, “mainly by the 1995 economic crisis, the sluggish performance of agriculture, stagnant rural wages, and falling real agricultural prices.”

By 2010, according to the Monterrey Institute of Technology, 53 million Mexicans were living in poverty—half the country’s population. About 20 percent live in extreme poverty, almost all in rural areas.

The growth of poverty, in turn, fueled migration. In 1990, 4.5 million Mexican-born people lived in the United States. A decade later, that population had more than doubled to 9.75 million, and in 2008 it peaked at 12.67 million. About 5.7 million were able to get some kind of visa; another 7 million couldn’t but came nevertheless.
Simultaneous changes in the United States also accelerated migration. The Immigration Reform and Control Act, passed by Congress in 1986, expanded the existing H2-A visa program, creating the current H2-A program, which allows US agricultural employers to bring in workers from Mexico and other countries, giving them temporary visas tied to employment contracts. 

It's one of those 'coincidences' I'm sure, but first Congress (the body many Americans still trust represents their interests) passed laws opening up migration to foreigners who were allowed to stay in the US as long as employed. This allowed some corporations to eliminate union wage and benefit positions and later reconstitute and fill those same positions paying these immigrants a fraction of the previous wage and with few or even none of the benefits previously afforded. 

Shortly thereafter Congress changed the immigration law, Carroll/Smithfield move operations into Mexico and, in another coincidence, soon thereafter NAFTA was passed. (By both republicans and democrats - it's when they have bi-partisan support for an issue or bill that you really know you're gonna be screwed.) Smithfield was able to both export subsidized corn (subsidized means: partially paid for with your tax dollars) into Mexico to feed its pigs and produce the 'Other White Meat' below cost, thereby driving the small family farmer in Mexico out of business and leaving the young men and women with no choice but to set off for America (usually entering illegally) and then going to work at Smithfield's N Carolina facilities and of course this (and other) mass migration further inflamed the American people against both political parties causing them to march on Washington and, while shouting 'General Sherman burned the wrong city!' set DC aflame, driving all politicians and lobbyists and intelligence officers into the Atlantic where a gigantic once in a century storm was raging and sucked them all below water, never to be heard from again! no, that wasn't it... rather the immigration inflamed the American people against the damn illegals who continued pouring into America because they want to steal our jobs! Misplaced anger as the American people were LED by the media and their favorite politicians into believing hoards came here just to screw Gringo and Negro out of a job, when in fact, Gringo and Negro's supposed government, hand in hand with Ottawa and Mexico City, wrote and signed into law legislation and agreements that not only made immigration possible, but a forgone conclusion! 

So what happened when the children of Veracruz moved North?

As unrest grew in Veracruz, it was also growing among the company’s workers in North Carolina. When the Tar Heel slaughterhouse opened in 1992, its labor force was made up mostly of African-Americans and local Lumbee Native Americans. Many objected to the high line speed and the injuries that proliferated as a result. The plant kills and dismembers 32,000 hogs every day. People stand very close together as animal carcasses speed by. They wield extremely sharp knives, slicing through sinews and bone in the same motion, hundreds of times each hour. Repetitive stress and other injuries are endemic to meatpacking, and the faster the line runs, the more injuries there are.
The workers’ frustration with the low wages and brutal working conditions produced one of the longest and bitterest fights to organize a union in modern US labor history. In 1994 and 1997 the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) lost two union representation elections. The 1997 election was thrown out by the labor board, but an administrative law judge ruled that in both, Smithfield “engaged in egregious and pervasive unfair labor practices and objectionable conduct.” In 1997 police in riot gear lined the walkway into the plant, and workers had to file past them to cast their ballots. At the end of the vote count, union organizer Ray Shawn was beaten up. Security chief Danny Priest and the other guards were later deputized, and Smithfield maintained a holding cell in a trailer on the property, which workers called the company jail.
Soon to visit the 'company jail'

Even by standards in North Carolina, where union membership and wages are low, Smithfield’s pay scale and reputation for injuries made it hard for the company to attract local workers. In the mid-’90s, Mexicans pushed by the effects of NAFTA to leave the Veracruz countryside began arriving in North Carolina and going to work at the Tar Heel slaughterhouse. All over Veracruz, meatpacking companies were recruiting them, according to Carolina Ramirez. “There were recruiters in many Veracruz towns,” she remembers. “There were even vans stationed in different places, and a whole system in which people were promised jobs in the packing plants. It was an open secret.” Richards, the Smithfield spokeswoman, denied that the company recruited workers in Mexico. “With one exception [a management trainee program], Smithfield Foods does not travel to, nor advertise in, other countries or outside of our local communities to actively recruit employees for our various facilities around the country,” she said.

Roberto Ortega remembers that there were hundreds of people from Veracruz in the Tar Heel plant when he worked there in the late ’90s and early 2000s. “Almost the whole town [of Las Choapas] is here,” he says. “Some are supervisors and mayordomos, and they bring people from the town.”

NAFTA (among other evils) has decimated family farms and family businesses in both the USA and Mexico. 

Now, all this illegal immigration coupled with the '9/11 tragedy' where some cavemen spent a couple months learning to pilot single-engine Cessna's and used their new-found knowledge and some really sharp box cutters to pilot 4 jumbo jets into 3 buildings and a field; really got the patriotic flag waving Fox watching Limbo listening right-wingers into a tizzy. Something just had to be done! "Militarize the borders!
 We need Homeland Security! Strip search my neighbor at the airport!"  Our government, always eager to please, burned the midnight oil writing the Patriot Act which was miraculously completed prior to 9/11!!! (we really have the best government here in the USA!) 

The Miracle created Homeland Security and re-enforced cockpit doors and made little old ladies strip down to their girdles before boarding aircraft and best of all, militarized our borders!
And this folks, is where we are today in this psychotic reservation we call the USofA:
I really feel good seeing our agents ride about with little American flags on the rear of their  4 wheelers
Oops. That's the Berlin Wall! An evil, commie wall! I should know better than to associate that with patriotic American walls... Sorry.

That's the wrong message. Hopefully this farming family has been properly investigated by the Border Patrol, IRS and Homeland Security agencies.  These people make me nervous. Get with the program!! Love it or leave it!

Sorry pal, but you have it backasswards... Your sign should read: Ban Public Ownership of Military Weapons. Why anyone wants to put lethal weapons in the hands of the nutjobs is beyond me. 
And that, my friends, is how the 2 party system works in the USA. Don't think it would matter 

if we had 3 parties (just look at Britain). We could have 100 major parties and have the same 

results. Fact is, all the jackasses you voted for, whether Repub or Demo or Independent or 

Green martians (nearly) all work for the same end - some are so stupid that I'd bet they don't

know it themselves. 

Problem: Reaction: Solution.

They made the problem (massive illegal immigration caused by their actions) 

 The reaction was, as always, orchestrated by the media, in 

this case the 'conservative' (Fox, Limbo, the Savage Weiner 

etc) which demanded : (militarize the 

borders!) and now are ready to implement the solution: "Path to citizenship". I wonder how

the Tea Partiers and bigtits Palin will react to that!  Actually I know. It will be blamed on the 

'Rhino' republicans and those damn democrats. 

More important is this: We are all in the same boat: Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, Canadian; 

ditto every black man, yellow man, red man and white man. There are many in this 

movement who want their specific race to be 'special'.  "The Celts are the best and we 

need to throw the rest out along with the Jews! No, it is the Germanic people who's best!  No, 

all Saxons!! 

Please. The jewish con worked just as well on my Irish brothers as it did on your English 

cousins and the Mexican who was forced to immigrate or starve to death.  WE ALL HAVE 


things good and noble is the jew. Our grandfathers ceded a great deal of ground to the 

enemy. We need to gain at least a portion of that ground back during our lifetime.  We can 

have much greater success united than divided as the jew wants us to live and fight.

Not sure of what I say?  Ask yourself a simple 
question: Would the jew rather we (all races) be united against our common enemy, or rather we fight amongst ourselves? 

Recognize the enemy. Then work with likeminded men to defeat him. That's what's important. 

Oh, and enjoy your Easter Ham. (Just don't bother visiting 

and reading the second link, unless you're having Roast Beef):

Thanks to the Nation magazine for the quotes in blue above.  Link to the aricle is here

Thanks to Jeff Tietz and Rolling Stone Magazine and Michel Chossudovsky for background

(and the one link you really ought to ignore..)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Letter To A Sleepy Acquaintance...

I came across this fine letter on Digger for Truth's excellent and empowering website and, as it is more than a year old now, felt the urge to re-publish it here along with my comments at its conclusion. Likely many who will read this have been frustrated by friends or relatives with whom we have tried valiantly to share the Truth; whether it be about symptoms like 7-7 and 9-11 or the fraudulent system of democracy with which we're currently stuck, or the Cause of those symptoms: judaism. 

Jews have certainly disabled the world. It is nice they are now setting aside a month to publicly recognize their evil ways. 
Dear ……………….. I have tried many times in the past to communicate politely to you about these pressing issues and I no longer have the patience to be polite – with you, or people like you who ʻchooseʼ not to see this Jewish ʻnew world orderʼ monster leaning down upon us. We have no more time to be polite about this situation we find ourselves in.
I am saddened to see you in the mental state you are in. I donʼt say that in jest. What I mean by that is you like all the other sheople have been totally and absolutely usurped by the judaic talmudic mind-lock.

You have had a successful accumulative psychological operation done on you. You are in a Jewish trance, hypnotized/comatized by the jewish psychological warfare.

In a way I should be more understanding – after all “Why would you not be propagandized?ʼ, when you read the Jewish-owned newspapers (Jewpapers), watch the Jewish controlled TV (talmudvision), listen to the judaic radio, having absorbed all the rabbinical predictive programming through courses and education (indoctrination) system to gain all your opinions and outlook on life.

You undoubtably have swallowed up all the main stream propaganda and therefore can only operate and regurgitate what you have been programmed to think and say – just like an organic computer. Your thoughts are not your thoughts.

You believe lock stock and barrel in the holocaust and empathize with the poor eternal victim Jews.

You most definitely have fallen for all the Islamaphobia.

You have conveniently justified us going into Iraq and slaughtering two million plus innocent people under the pretext that there may have been WMDs. A jewish media controlled lie.

You probably havenʼt even questioned the ʻofficialʼ story of ʻthose crazy 19 mooozlimsʼ highjacking planes to crash into the twin towers on September 11 2001. surprise surprise it wasnʼt the Muslims – IT WAS THE JEWS. As was the 7/7 London bombings.

But hey – why should you question it? The main steam media would never lie to us. Especially the kosher BBC .

Everything is OK 

Or is it that deep down you donʼt even care. You donʼt care about the 1.5 million Palestinians barely surviving cramped up in an open-air prison camp under horrific dangerous conditions.

My guess is you donʼt care that the UK/US tax payers have funded the illegal wars in across the middle east and now Syria to implement their WW3.

Yes WW3, another Jewish war which the jews have openly boasted about instigating in their doctrines [The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion]. But as you say “Thatʼs nonsense”.

Of course the intense independent impartial research Iʼve done over the last 5 years must be nonsense too. Along with the millions of independent eminent political analysts also whistling this same tune must also be talking nonsense.

But then again why should you care when you can pop along to your art class and go swimming and do your various hobbies and pastimes.

You said on the phone “Itʼs a good time to be alive” Yes for you in your cozy little middle class bubble in Lala land. Well HELLO thereʼs another world out there. A world of reality. A harsh reality you canʼt dare to face. Not only in this country but in other parts of the world.

Can you not see this Orwellian police state creeping upon us?
Do you trust in these nefarious flue jabs?
Do you believe we have honest courts where people can get justice?
Do you believe what the politicians tell you?
The cognitive dissonance must be unbearable.

“A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts who refuse to believe that government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship its going to get”                                                                                                                                    - Ian Williams Goddard

You are munching away at a potato (personʼs name)…………. and you think you are eating an apple. All the people you mix with are also eating potatoes thinking they are eating apples and so are the characters on your goggle box (tv) and this your normality and reality. This is mass hypnosis and what Orwell described as ʻthe new normalsʼ.

Sleep sleep sleep – do not think – obey authority – watch tv - trust big brother – war is peace – focus on your hobbies - slavery is freedom – everything is OK – sleep sleep sleep. 

This is why trying to engage in a logical conversation about these vitally important issues with people like yourself is futile. The repetitive programming is too insidious, the hypnotic judaic mantras have penetrated too deep.

Lets talk instead about meaningless selfish inconsequential small talk….. college courses, art classes, trivia. Everything is OK.

I have no real alternative to talk to you other than in this assertive brutal way. Superficial kindness will not help you.

Because I care about you I feel you need a metaphoric cold wet towel slapped across your face to wake you up from your slumber state.

I sent you some links last week on these topics – and predictably no response from you whatsoever. I have physically pointed out the chemtrails to you in the sky and you glaze over as if Iʼve pointed to a tree. I have posted you endless amounts of material for you to just look at, again with zero response from you.
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who donʼt do anything about it”  

I clearly gain the impression you just donʼt want to know anything that goes on outside your cosy insulated cacoon mentality.

How much longer are you going to keep hitting that snooze button so as to remain snug under your duvet (?)

Iʼm repulsed with your ostridge-like attitude and people like you. Your passiveness and detached approach to what is going on in the world right now is totally unacceptable  distasteful and needs to be highlighted.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it”                                                                   -MLK junior

What irritates me the most is you and people like you wonʼt even bother to make an effort whatsoever to investigate any of these so-called conspiracy theories. Your myopic naive trust in the media, the government, the doctors, the establishment is ridiculously childlike. Your sense of curiosity has been incrementally eroded by this judaic onslaught. This is social engineering. You have been judaified.

Paradoxically you claim to be well informed because you have two degrees and read the Times or Guardian and listen to radio 4. Ohhh itʼs so painful and if it wasnʼt so serious it would laughable.

When trying to converse with you on these subjects is like us discussing car mechanics when youʼve never rolled up your sleeves and attempted any car mechanics, but only read about the theories of car mechanics from a poetic/artistic viewpoint.

What do you know about about zionism, judaic doctrines, the ʻnew world orderʼ? Have you read the Babylonian talmud? Have you researched the Protocols? What ʻindependentʼ books can you state you have read on these topics? How many key researchers on khazarian/judaic practices can you name?

Iʼm sure you havenʼt read anything or know anything, or even know anyone who has researched these vitally important subjects. So how can we even begin to converse on them and associated global topics (?).

The mere fact that you canʼt see that we are most definitely heading towards (and have begun) WW3 I find shocking/disturbing. It only reinforces how deluded you are with worldly/political events.

I partially understand our parentʼs generation not grasping this situation because back in their day times were more amenable – more freedom, more work, much more social generation. But besides that they only really had the main stream media for their information.

Those of us with access to the internet to provide us with independent proactive objective information have no excuse whatsoever for being unaware of global trends.

I find it increasingly difficult to communicate with you and people like you who are wrapped up in the judaic matrix. I feel we can only restore our bond until you ….

“Until we do wake up, nothing sounds more absurd than the assertion that we are dreaming, and nothing seems more solid than this world and reality of the senses”                                                                                                                                              - Unknown author

A heartfelt and compassionate letter, Digger.

I hope it had some effect. If the recipient read it and reflected upon it then there's no doubt he would have, at the very least, taken the first steps to investigate even a handful of issues for himself. And if he took that first step, that may have been the spark he needed to go forward. Or a bit of realization may have frightened him back to the nearest television.

It is a very painful process, this awakening. To have been a dupe and know it.  At that wrenching moment when one really comes to terms with the fact that everything he once believed is a lie, well it is (it was for me) likely the most thunderous event one's witnessed in life. There are certain people (we've all met the blowhard who claims to know everything and always has to have the last word) who, due to their makeup, likely can't wakeup. But it is possible for the majority of us to become aware. With that awareness comes another dagger: comprehension that you're the only one within your circle with opening eyes. As you either cautiously or enthusiatically (dependent upon the recipient) share your new-found knowledge with family and friends you quickly learn most, if not all, want no part of it. 

Whomever you wrote to, Digger,  is very fortunate in that he has a friend in yourself who is already there. He doesn't have to begin the journey alone.

I do hope he took advantage of the opportunity face reality. Despite the initial shunning and fright and pain, there's a certain pride that invigorates one who realized he isn't fearful to see the world for what it is and attempt to write about it (even more so I'm sure for one like you who has the fortitude to speak openly of it to strangers). A pride that comes through looking the evil in the eye and saying: "I now know you. I recognize you. I shall not turn away and attempt to hide. Rather I shall face you and fight you and expose you because I love life. Because I value truth. Because I believe in honesty.

Your blog is an excellent resource, Digger, and I know I speak for many when I say: thank you for sharing your insight and realizations with the rest of us.