Sunday, April 21, 2013

Which Photo Best Represents the Victim?

As per Anon's comment on This Post
here is a photo of Bauman in the hospital:

and here's photos of Bauman /Vogt: 

And Vogt:

Does the man in the hospital in the first photo look like the man in the 2nd and 3rd photos? Or does the man in the 2nd photo look more like the man in the 3rd photo?

And a warning: As I type this Hagel is on his way to Occupied Palestine. That means money is soon to vanish.... Hopefully lives will not. 


  1. Excellent. I'll borrow this.

    - Aangirfan.

    1. You're welcome to borrow whenever the mood strikes.

      Thanks for visiting, Aang.

    2. Interesting as Aang was not originally taking this line on Boston. Just sayin'

    3. I don't know that Aang is saying Voit is Bauman and Bauman is Voit, but merely raising the question. I tend to think they are indeed 2 different individuals who bare a striking resemblance to one another.

      But it is still difficult to wrap (in my case, I'm not speaking for Aang here) one's mind around the photo of Bauman being wheeled down the street with that kind of damage to both legs. I understand shock and all that, but still I think he'd be writhing in pain. And why were tourniquets not wrapped around both legs? And from where did the wheelchair materialize?

      I think we're both (and many others out here, including you Carol) simply questioning the 'conventional wisdom'. We have been lied to for so long that only those lost in the fog wouldn't distrust every word and image that is released for our consumption.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you'll continue to visit.

  2. Hooray for Hollywood! We now live in a comicbook.

    1. It seems like that at times.

      A comic book world where the superhero is the State and Wall Street and Banks.

  3. Not the same people at all!

    1. No offense, but if you look at the comment underneath yours by The Proud Primate, he agrees with you. But rather than simply offering a single sentence, he explains WHY he does not believe it is the 'same people at all'.

  4. I have studied your offering, and composed this composite:

    On the basis of the physiognomy, the narrowness of the Bauman facial bonestructure, the reticent posture of his jaw, reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart, I have to say, I recognize them as clearly two different men, with markedly different personalities. And all the faces in the composite are Bauman, except the one in the fatigues. Like, different cat. No question.

    And for the record, I am a confirmed 9/11 Truther. Just not going for this one.

  5. I actually agree with you, Proud Primate.

    I still do, however, believe my initial assessment is focused in the right direction. It is here if you're interested:

    In that post I provided photos of Bauman and Voit, but they were small and difficult to judge. I also stated: "I hesitate to even insert this paragraph and the above photo array in this story as it is total conjecture. But against my better judgment, here goes:
    I'm not big on the idea that the government uses actors for their staged events."

    After that pos it was apparent many were looking for photos of the 2 men, and thus I created this specific post with the photos alone in hope that others would take a good look and decide what the truth is for themselves.

    I appreciate that you did just that, and provided the reasoning behind your conclusion.

    If anyone else is wondering, I have no remaining doubt that Voit/Bauman are not the same man.

    - Oh, and thanks for providing a link to your composite - again for anyone else it is located here: