Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Water Is Sacred

A few years ago now I stumbled across a brilliant documentary that, in its own way, further served to lead me on my path towards Truth. 

I had been with my sons to the Oregon State Fair. There was an exhibit manned by a state employee (water resources council or some such agency) where the the subject was water. The boys stopped to listen to the state employee's talk while I made my way with a few others to a different exhibit. When we met up a few moments later I asked what the woman had said. The boys said she  made the comment that whenever water is wasted it is gone, and if we continue to waste our water we won't have any left. So we shouldn't water our lawns or wash our cars because that water is then used up. 

I recognized this was, on a number of levels, bullshit. We should all want clean water but first water doesn't just 'vanish', never to be seen or felt again, and washing a body or watering plants or lawns is a much more responsible use of water than polluting it as is done by many corporate and governmental authorities worldwide.

It piqued my interest to learn more about water though, and that's what lead me to the place where I encountered the film: Sacred Water: The Great Mystery. There are some (Richard Dawkins, for instance) who will say this film is where the bullshit really lies. There are no 'sacred' properties to water just as there are no sacred properties to humans or animals or plants or the Earth itself. Yet there's no denying the truly magical nature of water: it is the most common substance on Earth. There's no more or less water on Earth today than there was when the world was formed. "Nothing in the world is softer and more yielding than water, yet it wears down the hard and strong and none can overcome it though anyone can conquer it. That which is yielding conquers the strong, and the soft overcomes that which is hard. Everyone knows this but no one dares to live by it." (Lao Tse)

Sacred Water: The Great Mystery seeks to prove, among other things, that water has memory. A compelling case is made. 

I encourage you to do 2 things when you have some quiet moments: first, read this recent post by Anngirfan from their website. Then, view the film, Sacred Water, for free, here  and then, if you are so inclined, let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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