Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And This Is Why (well, one reason anyway) They Are Deadly:

"... I think there's a resurgence of antisemitism (in Sweden and throughout all of Europe)  because, at this point in time, Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural, and I think we're going to be part of the throes of that- of that-  transformation which must take place! Europe is not going to be the monolithic - ah - ah - societies they once were in the last century. .... Jews are going to be the center of that. It's a huuuge transformation for Europe to make, they are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation Europe will not survive."

So, according to this old American crone who politely smiles when wielding a shank,  

1) There's an uptick in 'antisemitism' (whatever that may mean and who knows how the hell it is measured). 

We've had multiple occasions in the US where high school and university students have penned 'antisemitic' pamphlets, graffiti and letters. When investigations have been done, a Chosen is revealed as the perpetrator and then the story quickly vanishes from sight. Is that what's behind the supposed rise of antisemitism in Sweden?  Antisemitism is a horrible thing, we've learned time and time again in school and from the media and our preachers and parents and friends and co-workers. A travesty. 'Never Again' is the mantra we're all taught. We've heard and read the stories and fables about great historic suffering endured by jews. We've cursed the dirty Muslims for not acquiescing to israel. 
Then something frightening happens. We begin to look into the facts behind this mass jewish suffering and we find ourselves confused at first: 'Gosh, I know what Germany did to to the jews was terrible, but y'know, I can't find any real evidence of the ''6 million'' '. Then we screw up the courage to dig deeper, but this is a somewhat terrifying step to take. We know if we fail to find real evidence of 'nazi atrocities' then our world-view will be forever be altered. Maybe even our relationship with our Creator. Many turn away at this point. Fearful and with hearts pounding they instinctively know the journey to reality will be too much for them to physically or socially or domestically bear.  But for those of us who do have the fortitude to travel that path, at some point we compare the jewish fairy tale of suffering with other historical sufferings. We consider how many Eastern Orthodox Catholics and Christians were murdered by the jew-led Bolshevik revolution.  How many Vietnamese murdered by the jewish banker influenced French and American campaigns of the 1940's, 50's and 60's. How many Chinese at the hands of the jewish banker-influenced opium wars instigated by the English. How many Native Americans at the hands of my forefathers in North America. Then we ask, even if it were real, why is jewish suffering the suffering that transcends all other peoples' suffering? And that's when we learn the jewish 'suffering' is nothing more than an advertising tool, designed to shame us into buying additional faulty or harmful ideas, laws, and  fraudulent beliefs. 

2) 'Without that transformation (to multiculturalism) Europe will not survive' claims LernerSpectre. 
Now, taking Sweden for instance, why would that nation not survive without jewish enforced multiculturalism? It has survived for thousands of years when it was populated by Swedes. They actually made their nation into a bit of a socialist paradise. Even if one despises socialism, one can't ignore the fact that Swedes have healthcare for all, have housing for all, and have a retirement system that isn't forever going bankrupt. They accomplished it without the joys of LernerSpectre's threatened multiculturalism, somehow. 

That LernerSpectre is whining about antisemitism and the absolute essential need of multiculturalism tells us there are many in Sweden who despise the idea. Otherwise they would not be threatened with their very survival. It isn't just Sweden however. There are plenty of other folks living in Europe who've already witnessed previous changes this woman and her kind have dropped on their heads. They recall the world wars instigated at the behest of jews. And Europeans, from Greece to Portugal, Ireland to Italy, Iceland to Russia, are sick and tired of the banking system jews already gifted Europe. Recall, Usury was outlawed by both the Church and Islam. It wasn't until some evil, rotten men (Oliver Cromwell, for instance) allowed the jews to return to lands from which they had previously been expelled, and crypto-jews ascended to the Papal Seat (Medici, for one) that the jewish toe-hold was gained via the banking cartel. Slowly but surely every man and nation was captured up in the net, like sardines. 

Strangely though, despite what the jewess import from America says, Europe IS multicultural today, and it WAS in the past, even before LernerSpecter's ancient relatives left the Steppes and adopted 'judaism'. 
Irish inhabit one part of Europe. Sicilians another. Poles live in Poland and Swedes live in Sweden. You see, Ms. LernerSpecter, Europe was (until the late 19th century)  perhaps the most naturally 'multicultural' continent spinning on board Mother Earth. People like you though, you seek to drive out the 'cultures' you dislike and replace them with a perverted judeafied Culture of Death that is more malleable to your goals and whims. 

People like yourself, Ms.LernerSpectre, are the most racist of any people this world has ever known. If you really cared about that Multicultural flag you fly, you'd be hanging out in Occupied Palestine, urging your own kind to adopt multiculturalism in that fraudulent nation you call israel. That thing called israel is so horribly racist that multiculturalism isn't even the issue right now. Your kind first have to end apartheid in the land you occupy. 
You claim to be against hate yet you embrace ethnic cleansing, you embrace the theft of land, you embrace the subjugation of people. You kill, maim, injure, steal, and incarcerate others whenever it serves your own kind's interest. Yet you dare to tell Swedes how to live in their own homeland? 

 There was a time in America when charlatans and confidence men traveled from town to town, looking to bilk residents out of their property and wealth. Usually the fraudsters would clear out of town before the folks caught on to what was happening. There were times though, when the con's luck ran out before he had run out.  He'd be stripped down to his underwear while the tar was being heated until hot, then brushes applied the tar to the miscreant's skin and chicken feathers were dumped over his head and tossed onto his body and then he'd be allowed to 'move on' to another, perhaps more hospitable burg. In some cases after the tar and feathers were applied the people would ride him out 'on a rail' - usually a tapered fence railing or 2X4, on which the conman would 'ride' as the people carried the railing and his 'privates' were jolted and pained and then they'd dump him on the edge of town. I doubt any of the individuals who received this treatment ever returned but instead may their way to greener pastures. 

I'm uncertain whether or not Sweden has a history of 'tarring and feathering' those who came into its towns with the intention of  running a confidence game on them, but the con LernerSpectre and others are operating is much more injurious to all than those  performed long ago by simple thieves. For that reason I'd advise Swedes to look into it. It is the 21st century, so women should be eligible for the humiliating ride. 

Added 4/24 @ 7:04 PM: 

I just came across the following video on Noor's blog and have to add it here as it fits perfectly with this subject. It is also a very funny video - until you think about it, that is...

Added again
4/24 @ 11:33 PM

Gee -

Just re- viewed Lerner Spectre's saccharine speech -

Did you hear that brief chuckle uttered just after LernerSpectre's closing threat: "... Europe will not survive."???

Psychopathic, Satanic, Luciferian, Cold, Dark, Lifeless; however one wishes to describe this Death Cult, the best way is: Soul-Less.
We all have to - readers, bloggers, occasional visitors, occasional commenters, we all have to do whatever is in our own personal power and authority to wake all who will accept truth to the reality of the situation. 

Time it is a ticken' 


  1. This is a great post. I'll share it in a couple of days (traveling with work).

    1. Thanks for reading, B'man.

      Stay safe in your travels.

  2. excellent stuff...

    Crack Whore Schiff on C-SPAN now...

    what a whiff that flatulent poof is..!

    something Hilarious in Dallas today...

    after the End Times...that bath tub painting is mine....

    I don't care who it was at the golf course that convinced that boy to stay home and take his meds..

    and take up painting.

    more good on you

    1. Hi Anon,

      Thanks for reading and the links (though I don't quite get the connection of the grand lodge of texas link) ...

      Schiff is a posterboy for tea party republicans (actually quite similar to ron/rand paul... ah, now I get the grand lodge of texas link... ) Yes, a blowhard who simply plays his character's role in the stage production.

      It is good to see Sherrie questioning her support of rand paul, but she should also consider relinquishing that spot she has in her heart for ron paul, and giving it up to someone more honorable. "Audit the Fed!" was ron's claim to fame. Why not "Expose the Fed!" or "Dismantle the Fed!" would be even better. If they want to audit something they should start with all the NGO's that seem to get their start in D.C. & NYC.

      Thanks for reading, anon.

  3. Good post. Good will win in the end. These monsters will be cast down.

    Carol A. Valentine