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The 5th Amendment Still Stands - USE IT! (And other stories of the police state)

As usual, I began writing this with 1 specific message in mind and it sort of took on a life of its own... please forgive me... and just call this: Police Abuses of Power and your 5th Amendment Rights and then the title will be a bit more relevant. 

While we've witnessed incredible erosion of our Constitutional Rights in the US, most dramatically over the last decade now, and seen courts rule that police now have a right to enter one's domicile without a warrant (for instance) and witnessed our Government execute American citizens (including a 16 year old boy) without benefit of trial and even seen courts rule that, should a human exercise his 5th Amendment Right that in and of itself is evidence of guilt (!?!?!) one is still MUCH, MUCH better off engaging that right and NEVER talking to an Officer of the State.

'To Protect and Serve' is the old motto we've seen splashed on police cars since we were kids. We (except for the brightest of us...and no, if it isn't obvious by now I don't include myself as one of the brightest) didn't realize that motto really is a shortened version of 'To Protect Our Own and Those who Own Us and to Serve The State'.

Police and courts are notorious masonic dens. If you are not a mason or a B'nai B'rither you will get the short end of the stick in any interaction with the State's armed and dangerous thugs. 

Police are TRAINED to lie. They are taught to use their ability and training of how to lie to ENTRAP you in a web. If police are trained to lie to YOU (remember: that 'protect and serve' motto does not apply to you) what makes you think they will refrain from lying when they step up on the witness stand to TESTIFY AGAINST YOU? When police ask you questions in the field they are both fishing and looking to entrap you. If a cop should place you under arrest, they will then attempt to interrogate you (unofficially in the field, officially back at the station)... in both instances they are looking to both affix you into a story and get as many statements as possible from you from which to Use Against You when your case comes to trial. Whether in the field or at the station, your best bet is to not respond to their probing questions and to repeat: (over and over if necessary 'I'm exercising my 5th amendment rights - I'd like to speak to a lawyer'). Further, this lawyer in the video below says EVERY time a cop pulls your car over, they are doing so in hopes of arresting you for DUI (by the way, nearly anything today will get you arrested for a DUI - Rx drugs, weed, even being overly tired!).
(This attorney fails to inform you that many agencies today have portable sniffers attached to the cop that test the air when you open your window and speak to the cop - be aware! Also, always only roll your window down 1/4 of the way - enough to interact and pass your license and other info back and forth, but not far enough to allow the cop to stick his head and shoulders into your auto and 'look around').

Here below is another example, this one direct, of an interaction between a videographer and the small town cop who pulled him over. This was in the morning and the cop did not expect the 'mother____er' (as the cop called the driver) to be drinking. He did expect to find a little 'personal use weed' which he claimed to not be concerned about (sure).  This video is a fine example of the lies a cop will tell and the phony 'K9 drug sniffing' dog (the poor dog is also conned by cops) used to find any way possible to get an innocent person caught up in the Court System (and of course squeezed to provide funds for the State):

Now, if you watched the video to the end, you of course learned Reichert had been previously fired from his gig after a federal judge ruled that he lied under oath (remember - a judge has no problem with a cop lying to YOU. Some judges tend to get worked up, however, when a cop lies to THEM) but then (as always happens) was re-instated when his cop union fought the liar's dismissal. See more here: Pro Libertate .

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a genuine American hero (nycresistance on youtube - he has a number of exceptional videos) recorded cops 'protecting' a BP gas station - in effect controlling 1 lane of gas pumps apparently for buddies and those who made payoffs while everyone else had to wait in a line blocks long in order to gas up for the drive back home: 

In another case we witness a cop kick a pregnant woman in the stomach. Do the other cops on the scene pull their weapons and shoot the kicker dead? Fire tasers into him and electrocute him? Beat the hell out of him? NO. Instead the conspire to create a charge against the woman with which to somehow 'justify' the psychopath's actions:

Levii Dozier is only four months old, but he’s already been assaulted by the police. 

Roughly five months ago, Levii’s mother Raven Dozier was present when her brother got embroiled in a child custody dispute with a girlfriend. After the police arrived, Raven did what she could to calm her brother down. Eventually one of the officers shot the agitated man with a Taser. A thugscrum quickly coalesced as several officers inflicted gratuitous punishment on the prone and helpless man while his sister – who had been assisting the police – looked on in horror. 

“He’s on the ground!” shrieked Dozier, who was in tears. “You don’t need to do that!”

“Shut the f**k up!” replied one of the gallant officers. When Dozier failed to act on that thoughtful suggestion, Officer Jarad Wheeler strode up to her and kicked her in the stomach with sufficient force to open a door. 

At the time, Raven Dozier was nine months pregnant. 

For about fifteen minutes, the DeKalb County officers conferred with a supervisor outside the house -- within earshot of Raven’s brother, who was sitting, handcuffed, in the back of a police car.

“He kicked a pregnant woman,” one of the officers reported. 

“You’ve got to charge her with something,” another replied, pointing out that doing so would magically transmute aggravated assault into a “justified” use of force.

Following the discussion outside, several officers re-entered the home, where Dozier was on a couch trying to regain her composure. 

In a voice suppurating feigned concern, one of them asked if they could take a picture of the traumatized mother; in the same affected tone, he asked her if she could trouble herself to put on a pair of shoes and step outside the house for a moment to talk with the supervisor.

As soon as Raven had crossed the threshold of her home, she was placed under arrest for “obstruction.” Read more here: Pro Libertate .

Which brings us back to engaging cops in conversation. 1) You won't ever talk your way out of an arrest. 2) EVERYTHING you say WILL be used AGAINST you at trial. Anything you say to a cop that 'helps' you will NOT be used in your favor in court because it is Heresay! 3) Even if the cops are pure as the driven snow and won't invent words to put in your mouth, you are subject to THEIR memory of what you said in response to questions they think they recalled asking. 
They think you are guilty (otherwise they wouldn't talk to you) and police nature would be to twist whatever you say into words that can best be used to convict you. Instead, keep your mouth closed.

I've never heard anyone say it better than this professor of law.  Please watch if you haven't previously, and please share, especially with young people:

Notice the quote from the 25 year veteran cop: "People are inherently honest and that's their downfall."

Finally, in this video we have a small town's police making an arrest and, I guess for the hell of it, planting drugs on a man:

Now, do you think these 'officers' would refrain from lying about that statement you made earlier to them when your trial comes up???

Don't let YOUR honesty be your downfall. Provide your name and address. To the rest of their questions your answer is: 'Am I under arrest or free to go now' and 'I choose to excercise my 5th amendment rights and require council' or words to those effects. 

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