Saturday, April 6, 2013

Musical Interlude (I hate people when they aren't polite...)

Recently I came across a rather cool video of a 1981 or '82 Talking Heads concert at Wembley. 

What's special about it is it isn't simply a concert video but rather features the live performance interspersed with a portion of a David Byrne interview and montage of images appropriate to the band's story and lyrics - religious ecstasy and televised images, for instance. (kinda like this, a bit; sort of    ,   I guess....    :

I remember the week when the Talking Heads brought their 'Stop Making Sense' tour to the Pacific Northwest. Byrne and his 'big suit',
and the big deal made of their appearance. Even a story or two on the local tv news. 

But in a lot of ways this video is better than Demme's Hollywood production of the 'SMS' film. If you are at all a fan of this band, watch and enjoy. If you haven't heard their music or don't care for the Heads, give it a few minutes simply for nostalgia's sake.  And if you simply can't stand this band (and a lot can't) well - next weekend we'll listen to some real American music: Jazz. 


  1. Thank you for posting this video of the Talking Heads.

    Seems very time appropriate to April 2013 - even more than when it was made.