Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Was An Institutional Coup d'Etat Part II

For part 1 of this post, please see here:

As I mentioned in the part 1, it was my intention to include Allan Francovich's film, Operation Gladio. It can be viewed at Internet Archive's site here, or via this embedded video below: 

A few years after his OG film was released Francovich made another film, this one telling the story cocaine and CIA connections to the Pan Am flight 107/Lockerbie incident. It's creation caused quite an uproar from the peanut gallery, and for a time it was banned in both the US and Britain. That film, entitled The Maltese Double Cross can be viewed below:

A few short years after making the Maltese movie Francovich, an American, was passing thru customs at George Bush the Senior Airport in Houston when he suffered a heart attack and died at 56 years of age... just another one of them there 'coincidences', I'm certain...

I may very well return to these subjects tomorrow as there's a great deal left unsaid. 


  1. on.


  2. Ah yes. Fauxman adds evidence to the deep pile that proves the Occupiers of Palestine do, for all intents and purposes, control the strings of this puppet capitalistic demonocracy we call the United States of America.


    By taking the Statist side of the debate, arguing all who see reality are living in a haze of Conspiracy Theories.

    It was really nice of him to mention all the consipracy theories against Muslims. Of course though, the ones spinning those yarns are his favorite Americans: the born-again judeo christians who trust in Capital, Banks, Corporations, the Republican Party and Limbo and Savage and the 'news' channel called, appropriately enough, FOX.

    Thanks for your comment.