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Historian David Irving, Guns, and the USA

The Professional Historian David Irving, a hero of the WWII Truth Movement, has come to find himself in hot water after publishing these words in response to the Newton/Sandy Hook killings on his blog, Radical's Diary:

THERE HAS been a horrible shooting incident yesterday morning in Newtown, Connecticut, a typical peaceful New England community, and largely White to judge by the news pictures. Adam Lanza, 20, took some of his mother's five automatic handguns and assault rifles, shot her dead, and then drove to the Sandy Hook school where she taught, and shot dead twenty infants aged 5 to 10 and their head teacher and the school psychologist in an hour-long rampage from nine-thirty, as though he was walking around inside a violent video-game. All the guns were lawfully owned, it seems. In which case, it must follow, there is something fundamentally wrong with the country's laws.
He was a disturbed, i.e. schizophrenic, young man, as we learn from hints that are dropped during the day. In the evening I see President Obama manfully holding back tears, of the evidently real kind that one often looks for in vain in mothers on TV news programmes begging "the killer of their child" to come forward (when they have done it in fact themselves).
In fact Obama is as guilty as every predecessor and leading politician in this country, who has failed to address the gun-control issue. Even now they are still tiptoeing around the central problem: gun proliferation.
In Britain after the Dunblane massacre handguns were outlawed overnight.
The mighty USA which still wantonly kills other nations' children by the tens of thousand, now using unmanned drones as well, is powerless to control a situation where a single sluttish mum feels at home owning five guns of her own. Meanwhile, the multi-millions of the mighty Gun Lobby wash around the gunwales of the Capitol building in Washington DC.
Guns don't kill people, they say --; but in this case they did, along with the lobbyists, the single mums, and their wretched mindless children.
It will take a really tough president, oblivious to the yelping of the gun industry, to get a handle on this one. Not in my lifetime, probably.
Outlawing all the corrupt cash lobbies in Washington would be a good start. Perhaps systematically stigmatising the tightlipped National Rifle Association would be another good idea. Call the late gun-owner the "NRA-member Mrs Lanza," if she was, rather as my first names in the media seem (grâce à Wikipedia) to be "Holocaust denier". Until then, hecatombs of children as well as their elders and stupiders will have to die.

Now, as David Irving's readers and supporters in the US are likely to be, more often than not, to the 'Right' on the political spectrum, some can find such words incendiary.  Indeed, it did not take long for Irving to begin receiving angered responses:

I am more than saddened by your pro-gun control op ed. I first met you at a GUN SHOW in 2000 where you were selling your books after being Blacklisted by the publishing industry. Gun owners gave you a forum when few other people would. I later attended many of your lectures and bought many of your books.Now you stab gun owners in the back, after coming to our country and seeking the protection of our Constitution which would not exist but for the unyielding American farmers who used their privately owned guns to achieve independence from the British Empire.
I suggest you leave the USA immediately and seek refuge in France or Germany to sell your books and give your lectures in countries whose gun control laws are more to your liking.
After years of supporting you, attending your lectures, buying your books and sending you donations when I could, I have never felt so betrayed. I have never felt like such a fool!
I hope you ROT.

I found your latest utterances regarding gun control odious in the extreme. Really, I'd expect to hear such things from a Stalinist but not from you. Poor show. 
Poor show.

David, You just blew any chance of further support from me with your uninformed rant against gun owners. You perpetuate the myth that the NRA buys politicians with money.

Looks like the anti-gun comments have done you in. Maybe you should apologize to the American people for supporting the gun grabbers. The pro-gun people who believe in freedom of speech and the right to bear arms were your main supporters. Remember those Gun Shows you used to attend? I know because I know them and they will not give you a thin dime again without a apology.
Feel free to return to your third-world-overrun UK hellhole which is ten years ahead of the USA. We can fight while the gunless White Britain's [sic] will be murdered in the street by their Jew ridden "Diversity" government and criminals. Great future for you over their [sic] when they enslave your children and ban your books.

(Now, I'm not going to get into the questions concerning the Sandy Hook School shooting, suffice it to say there are more than a few anomalies.  For now, let's just assume the mass murder was exactly as advertised)

On its face, I suppose, it does seem rather odd that Irving would seemingly, in a careless manner, write a post that would anger many of his Stateside fans. 

However, it should be clear to all who've had the pleasure of reading one or more of Irving's books, that he's the type of man to write the Truth as he finds it; rather than massaging the truth to fit his audience's opinions or beliefs. 

Those now critical of Irving have every right to say their peace, though I really wonder how misinformed one can be to claim: 'You perpetuate the myth that the NRA buys politicians with money' (no matter where one's sacred cow feeds, one has to comprehend the fact that ALL politicians in this country are bought and paid for...that's why the lobby industry has over 12,000 registered lobbyists and they've ''contributed'' more than $3.25 billion dollars in 2012 alone to buy CongressFolk and if the NRA and GOA didn't play this game even capguns would now be outlawed).

Just as silly is the: 'We can fight while the gunless White Britain's [sic] will be murdered in the street(s)...' claims another angered man above.  
Well, yes, you can indeed fight. You'll also quickly die. In reality fighting this evil with revolvers and semi-automatic handguns and shotguns and rifles is a losing proposition and it amazes me more Americans fail to comprehend this simple, yet obvious truth. Even if one 'prints' a few AR-15's and hands a couple out to every able-bodied trustworthy neighbor, this 'fight' would more closely resemble the US military's rout of Iraq's military in the first Gulf Invasion than the US Revolutionary War. 

I find it interesting that this sudden back-and-forth in regards to the Second Amendment just so happens to coincide with drones being placed all across the US; to be operated by a number of Federal agencies as well as State police, County sheriffs and even city police, not to mention the large 'private' corporations that will have their very own drones in the air. That's the issue that should have Americans threatening to lay a siege on DC but no, instead we're told to worry about our gun rights.

The American military is so advanced, so gargantuan that the so-called Right in this country need buckets of ice water poured on their heads to wake to the fact that no violent revolution will take place (if there is an attempted violent revolution it will be a bloody failure of epic proportions. If Americans were, in days gone by, the least bit visionary they would have demanded EVERY weapon available to the US military ALSO be made available to them - after all the Second Amendment says: 'Arms' - there's no defining what type). If there were private armories in every nook and cranny of the USA brimming with missiles and tanks and howitzers and cannons - if there were private war ships and submarines loaded with the latest in killing technology - if there were a few private bombers hangered at many airports - private stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and all the infrastructure in place to produce modern, American-styled warfare sorry, 'democracy building and peace keeping' then those who have faith in the 2nd Amendment to keep this jewish american government at bay might have an argument. 

Further, American police forces have become so militarized in many locations that the local police hopelessly outgun even the most zealous 2nd Amendment advocate. 

Finally, there seems to be a lot of hopeful folks in the 2nd Amendment/revolution community who trust that soldiers in the US won't turn their weapons on them. I've heard some claim: "In the US we have a history of troops not firing on Americans." If only that were true. Start with the Civil War, where cousins killed cousins, fathers killed sons and brother killed brother. One general was so mad with the lust for destruction that he literally burned his way thru the South, destroying countless innocent's homes, businesses and farms. It was also in the 19th Century that working men began agitating for Labor Unions and some rights for working men and women in the United States, and it was also at this time that federal troops and militia and private security goons (the Pinkertons) began to beat and murder their fellow Americans who dared stand against the 'Robber Barons'. A few examples: 

July 1851
Two railroad strikers were shot dead and others injured by the state militia in Portgage, New York.
13 January 1874
The original Tompkins Square Riot. As unemployed workers demonstrated in New York's Tompkins Square Park, a detachment of mounted police charged into the crowd, beating men, women and children indiscriminately with billy clubs and leaving hundreds of casualties in their wake. Commented Abram Duryee, the Commissioner of Police: "It was the most glorious sight I ever saw..."

21 June 1877
Ten Irish-American coal-mining activists ("Molly Maguires") were hanged in Pennsylvania.

14 July 1877
A general strike halted the movement of U.S. railroads. In the following days, strike riots spread across the United States. The next week, federal troops were called out to force an end to the nationwide strike. At the "Battle of the Viaduct" in Chicago, federal troops (recently returned from an Indian massacre) killed 30 workers and wounded over 100.

5 May 1886
On 1 May 1886 about 2,000 Polish workers walked off their jobs and gathered at Saint Stanislaus Church in Milwaukee, angrily denouncing the ten hour workday. They then marched through the city, calling on other workers to join them; as a result, all but one factory was closed down as sixteen thousand protesters gathered at Rolling Mills, prompting Wisconsin Governor Jeremiah Rusk to call the state militia. The militia camped out at the mill while workers slept in nearby fields, and on the morning of May 5th, as protesters chanted for the eight hour workday, General Treaumer ordered his men to shoot into the crowd, some of whom were carrying sticks, bricks, and scythes, leaving seven dead at the scene. The Milwaukee Journal reported that eight more would die within twenty four hours, and without hesitation added that Governor Rusk was to be commended for his quick action in the matter.
23 November 1887
The Thibodaux Massacre. The Louisiana Militia, aided by bands of "prominent citizens," shot at least 35 unarmed black sugar workers striking to gain a dollar-per-day wage, and lynched two strike leaders.

6 July 1892
The Homestead Strike. Pinkerton Guards, trying to pave the way for the introduction of scabs, opened fire on striking Carnegie mill steel- workers in Homestead, Pennsylvania. In the ensuing battle, three Pinkertons surrendered; then, unarmed, they were set upon and beaten by a mob of townspeople, most of them women. Seven guards and eleven strikers and spectators were shot to death.

Federal troops killed 34 American Railway Union members in the Chicago area attempting to break a strike, led by Eugene Debs, against the Pullman Company. Debs and several others were imprisoned for violating injunctions, causing disintegration of the union.

10 September 1897
19 unarmed striking coal miners and mine workers were killed and 36 wounded by a posse organized by the Luzerne County sheriff for refusing to disperse near Lattimer, Pennsylvania. The strikers, most of whom were shot in the back, were originally brought in as strike-breakers, but later organized themselves.

8 June 1904
A battle between the Colorado Militia and striking miners at Dunnville ended with six union members dead and 15 taken prisoner. Seventy-nine of the strikers were deported to Kansas two days later.

24 February 1912
Women and children were beaten by police during a textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

11 June 1913
Police shot three maritime workers (one of whom was killed) who were striking against the United Fruit Company in New Orleans.

20 April 1914
The "Ludlow Massacre." In an attempt to persuade strikers at Colorado's Ludlow Mine Field to return to work, company "guards," engaged by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and other mine operators and sworn into the State Militia just for the occasion, attacked a union tent camp with machine guns, then set it afire. Five men, two women and 12 children died as a result.  
(thank you to allen lutens for the compilation -  see more here: allen lutens' homepage )

There are many other examples of US troops, agents, police, militia etc. who've had no apparent qualms when it comes to killing their countrymen.  I doubt, if one sincerely reviews the history, that there's a sane soul in the US today who'd argue the 21st century is somehow different... that today an 18 year old Marine wouldn't kill, when ordered, an American labeled a 'subversive' or an 'infidel'. Worse, that Marine won't necessarily have to kill in person. A kill order can be processed thru to a young woman in the trailer where she faces a few screens and is holding a joystick and with that joystick she identifies the target, 'paints' it, and presses the red button while watching the screen to see the missile suddenly strike the home in which the dangerous 'domestic terrorist' is/was living along with his wife and 4 now dead children. What good were their Second Amendment rights?

So the sad fact must be faced. The Second Amendment, like the rest of the Constitution that had originally guaranteed our Natural (civil) rights has been effectively annihilated.  The only guarantee the Second Amendment now gives a citizen is the right to defend himself against another citizen. That's something, I guess, but the belief that this 'Freedom' allows you and I and our neighbors and friends and a community of 'good guys' to put a scare in the Feds is but wishful thinking. They possess the real weapons.  They've had practice using them against Muslims worldwide.  And, practice using more mundane weapons against Americans. They know we're left with the equivilent of cap guns against their missiles.  Sort of similar to the rocks used by the 'subversive' Palestinians to fight off American made tanks and armored personnel carriers operated by the occupiers in Palestine... a hopeless act.

It is that old equivalent of arriving to a fight holding a knife and finding the other guy has a loaded Gatling Gun pointed your way and a few dozen armed buddies for good measure. And now they want to restrict your right to arrive with that knife. Because knives kill people...

It's too bad Irving didn't make this point, instead of arguing against the American love affair with arms. But David Irving has never given any indication of giving a damn what others think of his opinion or belief. It is rather silly of those angry with Irving today (the ones who claim to now be former supporters). David Irving speaks his mind! Did you expect you'd always agree with his mind? Are you really shocked that today you find yourselves in disagreement with Irving over a single issue? Is that disagreemnet worth tossing the baby out with the bathwater?  Further, David Irving is a Brit! His words carry no more weight in the US than Henrique's vocal opinions (a  French poodle that lives down the street).

Here we have another situation where the few of us who recognize the reality of the jewish threat find an excuse to fracture into smaller and weaker factions due to arguments over issues that, in reality, are not nearly as important as the Main Threat, namely the jewish threat to decimate humanity. There is 1 Enemy. Vanquish that enemy and suddenly this world will make a great deal more sense for you and I and everyone else residing on this planet. Vanquish that enemy and none of us Americans will feel the need to be armed, even if it is with the equivilent of a pea-shooter. David Irving has accomplished more than most of us put together. Celebrate the man's works. Give him thanks for those works. Disagree with Irving in this instance? Fine. But don't now discount all the ammunition HE has provided us to arm OUR informational guns for this most important of fights and have used to spread accuracy - the fight for public opinion - the fight of REALITY vs. BULLSHIT.  TRUTH vs. LIES. FREEDOM vs. SUBJUGATION.

I thank you Mr. David Irving for your life's work. You're wrong about the second amendment. But then again, so are we. 

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