Monday, February 18, 2013

Yeah, Something's Outrageous All Right...

Oh, the Outrage!

The National Jewish Democratic Council (the israel first club for democrats who 'serve' israeli interests in your US Congress) is up in arms!  At the conclusion of obama's 'State of the Seige' address to his fellow israel firsters in Congress last week, Florida's marco rubio offered the republican response.  And you know what?  In his response he FAILED TO MENTION ISRAEL!  The temerity!  

Writes NJDC executive director aaron keyak:
"During his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama reiterated his firm support for the State of Israel and his commitment to preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who delivered the Republican Party’s official rebuttal, omitted any mention of Israel or Iran from his speech. Quite simply, the Republican Party’s State of the Union response snubbed Israel, and NJDC called them out for it."

Failing to pledge allegiance to israel every time you jabber in front of a camera is now 'snubbing' israel. I suppose by now I should recognize that all 'State of the Union' dog and pony shows are really about the State of israel and what bastards we are in the US for not just mailing our taxes directly to Tel Aviv, but I digress...

Keyak then stumbles into the bitter truth about the 2 political parties that together consider it an Olympic Sport to out perform each other for the American Electorate israel:

"...what would happen if the situation were reversed? What if a Democrat said nothing about the U.S.-Israel relationship or missed this particular opportunity to convey unity on stopping Iran’s nuclear program? Based on the Republicans’ history, we can assume they would have behaved as follows:
* Republicans would be shouting at the top of their lungs about how Israel had been “thrown under the bus,” “delegitimized,” “insulted,” or even “abandoned.” Worse, the President’s personal and deep commitment to Israel would be attacked, with some Republicans recycling the “most anti-Israel President” and “deep hostility towards Israel” lines throughout our community. In addition, some fringe Republican would make headlines by falsely comparing the President to Jimmy Carter or invoking Reverend Wright or by screaming and yelling about how the President of the United States stands with the terrorists and Israel’s enemies.
* Republicans would run full-page ads in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal slamming the President, repeating the same false attacks on his record and the same baseless attacks on his character.
* Republicans would plaster their smears on billboards, bus shelters, yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons, kippot—pretty much any available surface that could be seen by another person.
* And, Republicans would put together a YouTube video that repeated all of the same smears that were used during the election. The predictable doom and gloom theme would be present in the video, and it may very well be turned into a TV advertisement. They would also cut robocalls and radio ads that dishonestly combine unrelated statements by the President and the Israeli Prime Minister that get immediately debunked by nonpartisan journalists.
You may think I’m exaggerating, but far too many of these reactions actually took place over the last four years."

Nope. I don't think you're exaggerating in the slightest, Mr. keyak.  In fact it is all too terribly true.  The Republican party establishment throws a hissy fit whenever there's the slightest hint of a failure on the part of an American politician or appointee of properly genuflecting at the true master, israel. And the Democrat party is just as bad.  If these jackasses in D.C. paid as much attention to the outright theft eminating from Wall Street and the banking industry, the American people would be happy little clams. But these parties don't exist for poor and middle class.  They only respond to monied special interests and that 'little demoncracy in the middle east', israel. 

Oh, and what's Rubio's response?  C'mon.... you knew it all along, didn't you ; )    Yep.  And I guarantee in a few short days (or hours) we'll all get to see a heartwarming photo of a beanie wearing-rubio shedding a tear at the Wall.

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