Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The US Military: 'We Bring Good Things To Life!'

US military advertisments are nearly as ubiquitous in the media as Coke's and Burger King's.

Why advertise a military as one would a product?  The federal government wants to insure that a steady stream of recent high school graduates freely sign away their Constitutional Rights (not that those rights mean much anymore) and 'serve Uncle Samuel', thus avoiding never-popular conscription of the young. Additionally, the ads serve to swell patriotic hearts in viewers: "Oh look at all the good things we're doin' for them poor backwards people who can't help themselves...". That's because the advertising rarely (if ever) depicts the violence of war.  In fact, any one of the branches could adopt General Electric's old advertising slogan: "We bring good things to life" and the slogan, video and narrative would all gel together perfectly.  Here's but 1 example:

So how much does the US military spend on advertising?  There are wildly divergent figures - I've seen claims as high as $18 billion a year and as low as $650 million a year.  For whatever reason the Pentagon either chooses not to release the figures (probably for National Security as we sure wouldn't want the Terrorists to know) or hides them in such a way that a true number cannot be assessed, or perhaps, like the $Billions of tax dollars they 'accidently' lost in Iraq and had stolen from them by a number of dual citizen israelis  'unknown individuals', they simply have no fucking idea what they've spent or lost. 

There are, however,  a few facts a Pentagon bureaucrat must have accidentally left out of the advertising copy:

1) Between 1998 and 2011 military spending rose by 114%.
2) The US must spend at a minimum, 1% of its entire GDP just to maintain its arsenal of weapons. 
3) The US spends more tax dollars (and borrowed dollars) per year on the military than the next 15 countries combined.
4) In one year alone (2007) the Pentagon claimed $11 Billion Dollars was lost or wasted in its efforts to 'demonocratize' Iraq. 
5) Each Day in Afghanistan costs the taxpayers more than it originally cost to build the Pentagon.
6) In 2008 the Pentagon spent more money every 5 seconds in Iraq than the average American earned that entire year. 
7) The Pentagon budget consumes 80% of all income tax revenue collected from individual Americans.
8) Each year the Pentagon spends more on War than all 50 States spend on Health, Education and Welfare and Public Safety for the citizens. 
(source: http://www.businessinsider.com/military-spending-budget-defense-cuts-2011-10?op=1

Now that gut-busting Pentagon budget does not include the Billions of Dollars borrowed in your name and then gifted to our 'friends' in Tel Aviv.  Nor does it include the military hardware 'sold' to israel, nor the spy budgets where taxes and borrowed dollars are spent perfecting technology to spy on Americans to save us from the Terrorists, or the off the budget 'black ops' where more money is spent to spy on Americans, for our safety, of course. 

Which brings us back to the friendly advertisements encouraging teenagers to join up, see the world, make a difference, help the helpless, bring hope to the hopeless, salve the suffering, and... earn money for college!

A better, more honest ad might feature the Happy Black Marine actor at the top of this post, but then, for a more nuanced, less scripted take on serving the Regime,  be followed by this man,  a former staff sergeant and US Army Special Forces Vet.  

Be cautious with your decisions as a young man or woman.  There's no re-set button.  Sounds silly, I know.  But when I was finishing high school I, and most around me, thought consequences were for others.  A sunny tomorrow was always possible. Yet 1 fucked up decision at this age will affect you until the day you die an old man or woman.  

Look closely at the face of this young girl below as she fights back the only way possible against the Occupier's soldiers after they hauled her mother off to some zionist concentration cam I mean prison.  Look at her expression.  

These young soldiers aren't sure how to take her outburst and more than a few laugh.  If they have any soul at all, they won't be laughing 20 or 30 years from now as they recall this girl who they tortured with their actions. This little girl's face should haunt each one of these TERRORISTS in their dreams as they age. As a Yank by birth, her face will haunt me. To know that the gov't I fund supplies the assholes laughing at this girl makes her pain my sin. Look at her expression.  Look at her little fist. She's my hero.  Not this guy:

  They are simply tools, used and abused and eventually discarded by those who wish to control our collective destiny. 

Should you, a young man or woman in the USA make the conscientious decision to serve the Evil that hides behind and directs American political theatre, you too will likely find yourself haunted in the years to come by the actions you take in 'spreading bullsh' oops, I mean 'demonocracy' in places where you are not welcome.  You'll find yourselves haunted by a real human being... a REAL human like the girl in this photograph. There's no waking from this nightmare.... Not when you are directly or even indirectly responsible for causing it. 

Don't go out of your way to create nightmares for yourself.  Life itself will give you more than enough to last a lifetime. 

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