Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Farmer's Union?

Did you know at one time there was a labor union for poor farmers in the USA?

In 1929 the Communist Party USA organized the short-lived Trade Union Unity League (TUUL); an effort to organize share-croppers and other subsistance farmers across the Southern and Midwestern United States.

Don't be confused.  I'm not a communist nor a communist apologist (there's much too much evidence that communism is simply another hand belonging to the jewish power structure.. no different in truth than the jewish banking or jewish 2 party systems....)

This song isn't about communism or capitalism or any other ism.  It is about the desperation of the man who feeds his family and his community with his labor.  Why would a man who feeds his community EVER have to worry about making a living?  It is preposterous!  Yet, the family farmer's sang a variation of this desperate tune now for damn close to 100 years in North America.

At the same time, this song is expresses the hope of a man who awakes expecting each day, month, season, year, to be better than what he's experienced so far. 'I mighta got screwed each of the last 6 years now, but this one gots ta be better!'  When I first heard this song I had no idea there was actually a union for share-croppers and family farmers at one time in America.  How horrendous life has been, on average, year in and year out for the small farmer in the USA!  No wonder so few remain.  Now, ask youself: Who is more important to YOUR family's well-being... the Wall Street BROKEridge houses who supply credit or the farmer who supplies food?

One of The Band's finest songs:  King Harvest:

A somewhat detailed review of the song by members of the band (begins around the 2:40 mark of the video):

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