Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Intermission Con't

Spancil Hill is one of my favorite Irish songs - in this case sung by 2 of the Greatest of Irish singer/songwriters; Christy Moore and Shane MacGowan.  I love the lyrics and the whole story told in song.  Beautiful.

This next song, 'The Recruiting Sergeant'; written just as the jews were formenting WWI for Christians to murder Christians,  should be learned by every schoolboy (and girl now that we're cool enough to put girls on the frontlines) in the US.  Then, the kiddies should all be required to draft new, updated lyrics for their own expected servitude to israel. 

There are 2 covers of the song up on utube that are excellent (more when one includes Terry Woods and Shane MacGowan's & other versions available), however as Shane is in the above video, let's instead listen to a version featuring Brendan's brother, Dominic Behan:

and another, live version from mid-sixties RTE featuring Bobby Clancy: 

The Irish have always possessed a knack for giving a middle finger to the evil authority but being able to do so (at times) with a smile and a laugh.  This song proves the point. 

I thank you, God, for my Irish Celtic blood.  I am blessed. 

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