Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Blog Is Now Certified As...

*see note at bottom of post
The economy still sucks here in the USA. Despite that, there are still opportunities to make a buck. And happily for some, Americans have always been eager to play the fool in another man's con game, and this post will reveal one sure way to conjure cash from a goy's pocket. 

Now, despite being silly and easily led astray, Americans are also noted for their generosity. Nowhere is that generosity more proudly highlighted and expressed to the world than by America's embrace of the Kosher Tax.  

Now at one time the Kosher Tax, represented by the 'Kosher Taxes Paid' symbol like the one at the top of this post, was found primarily on jewish oriented foodstuffs. The kind of items that non-jews would be as likely to buy as one of those mink-spinning top hats some jews like wearing (I haven't the foggiest idea what they are called and don't really care to learn, but they look like this:)

(I have a terrific advertising idea for these spinning yi lids, by the way, but that's a marketing opportunity for another day)

Anyway, what's remarkable is that the Kosher Tax Stamp (KTS) has bred itself into new forms and functions (just like jews magically do with money as money breeds more money and this is called 'interest') and now one can find a KTS (in one or more of its various incarnations) on all sorts of gentile foods and products!

For instance, nearly all American macro (and a growing list of micro) brewed beers  are certified Kosher! A 25 lb. bag of California Grown brown rice? Kosher! A 25 lb. bag of C&H brown sugar? Kosher! M&M candy? Kosher! Peanut Oil? Bakers' unsweetened cooking chocolate? Not just Kosher Salt, but regular salt? Kosher! Kosher! Kosher! Even more remarkable, some have multiple KTS's showing specific products to be even more kosher than other kosher products! (And of course meaning you are being double and triple taxed to boot... again, Americans are a generous, if simple, people).

But here's where it gets even better: Ajax dishwashing detergent? Kosher! Reynolds aluminum foil? Kosher! Ziplock storage bags? Kosher! The KTS con is brilliant, no?!?!

It should not be surprising that a number of sharp rabbis have weaseled in on the Kosher Stamp Tax game. While it used to be just a small handful of different taxing authorities existed, the various kosher labels today number in the many dozens in America alone:
Wait, there's more!

Now, as we've established above, there are many more Kosher Taxing Authorities (KTA's) today than there were 50 years ago... yet now nearly every item one can buy in a grocer's store is kosherized.  Clearly what's needed are new markets.... and as we've also established above, it is true that the judeochristian community is, on a whole, notorious for being... oh gee - what's the right word I'm looking for here... um - Ok, STUPID. Yeah, that works. And here's where a tremendous jewish money-making opportunity is available for a young, energetic rabbi. Now, I should admit right off the bat here, it pains me to give away such a great idea freely, seemingly without any sort of compensation... but the great laugh I'll have when this comes to fruition will be worth it in and of itself.... OK, you ready?

'Certified Kosher Homes'.

I can picture it already. To begin the charade, our eager rabbi creates a new, kosher logo (hopefully incorporating those now ubiquitous stars that idiots are plastering on their homes - the ones like this super-patriot proudly shows off in the pic above). Then meets up with a holy roller, someone like Paster Hagee - and the 2 conmen judeo christian leaders agree on a kickback figure, then Hagee goes up in front of his 'flock' and offers a sermon kind of like: "Ohhh, we live here in a Godless society! Where the men and women who despise God's home, Israel, ascend to postions of Great Power! Where Mooslims demand Sharia Law be enacted and where little boys are too lilly-livered to fight Iran for Israel's sake.  Yet You can still show your love for God's own children, the Jews! You can make your home welcoming to God! And one of the best ways to do so is to have your home Kosherized!!! The Generous Rabbi Diamondstein, who's a true man of God,  will actually come to your home and sanctify it as the home of a Godly judeochristian family. A family for Israel! Rabbi Diamondstein will then affix his special 4 foot tall Kosher seal on your front door! When Jesus comes back and raptures the believing, He will see your Kosher Seal and directly take you up into Heaven! You won't miss the bus because Jesus'll know only good people dwell in a home sealed as Kosher.  Also, your friends and neighbors will know you love Israel when they see you've been Kosherized! Think of how proud you'll be havin' the first Kosherized house on the block.  So sign up now - it's only $2500 -I know, I know it is cheap, but that's the introductory price - realize the Rabbi can't afford give it away for long at this great price - he's performing his act at a cut rate as a special favor to me!"

This could be a million dollar business right out of the gate. The capitalizing rabbi could kosherize small businesses ('surely you'll mow down your competition once your landscaping business is Kosherized!'), kosherize people's cars ('if you have a wreck after being Kosherized, it'll be because it was God's will, not because you fell asleep at the wheel!') kosherize peoples' marriages ('sure you'll be happy forever together - it's not only sanctified, it's kosherized!) He could proceed to kosherize newborns ('yes, little Davey was baptised which was, y'know, OK I guess... but then he was Kosherized so now we KNOW he has a firm bond with God, even though he's not a Chosen one'). 

I could go on and on. Just remember - when you see this pop up on a reality show in the near future, you read it here first. 

*The kosher symbol at the top of this post is NOT used with permission of the rabbinical authority and its use on this page in no way implies this blog is now 'kosherized'. Rather the symbol appears in hopes it will bring a smile to someone's face, not a lawsuit to my doorstep. 


  1. are porn sites kosher...?

    how about titty bars ..?

    hollywood has to be "Kosher", just like New Jersey & Tel Aviv....

    can't wait for that Rubber band to break...
    like Mark Glenns' hatred of white supremacist ADL stooges who he claims are

    "Christian Identity"

    what is amazing is you give a braindeadgoy a double barreled sawed off shotgun and they shoot theyself in both at a time...

    STOOOOOOOOOPID, "JEW" worsipping morons....

    do you know anyone who has seen actual proof of "Jews" in the Old Testament ?

  2. Not too sure about NJ, but Lower Manhattan is quite kosher, esp. around Wall St and the new 'millenium' buildings... Porn is owned, produced and even acted by jews (though many non-jew girls and boys are conned into subverting their souls and bodies for jewish profits...

    I can't speak for Mark Glenn's inability to see incongruencies in the Newtown charade. To my mind they are as obvious as the ones from the 911 joke played on the US and the world.

    Yes, all are good at shooting themselves in the feet (I used to do it for years and can barely walk today) but that's only because most of society and all the media repeat the same lies ad nauseum. Only when one disconnects can one begin to see the great Con being played on us all.

    As to your question: "Do you know anyone who has seen actual proof of ''Jews'' in the Old Testament"?

    Simple answer: The more I know of the old test. the more I believe it was written/produced not to present truth to you or I, but massaged in a way that would CON you or I and the rest of the soulful men and women in this world.

    Question for you:

    Did you laugh? Smile? frown? Any reaction at all to what I wrote above???

    Thanks and you are welcome to continue to comment.

  3. actually,

    having been aware of this scam for Years, I first thought, you know that is a great idea !

    on the flip side, the idea came to me years ago, that the Khazar proselytes that no longer wish to be "Jewish" but in fact recognoze the efficacy of treating others the way Jesus recommended would do well to have an actual certificate that verified that they were no longer..."Jewish".

    there are very many former so-called "Jews", who when the harvest begins will have no where to hide, and will need a "Protector" policy....

    90% of current holdings [Net Worth] seemed appropriate as that was the alleged amount Gerry Spence charged his "Clients"...

    yeah I laughed, knowing the braindeadgoy "Jew" worshipping Baptists and genuine idiots who live to worship the "Jewish" state of mind....and their eagerness to display their affinity for all things "Jewish"....especially TALMUDIA.

    YEN LO: You must try, Comrade Zilkov, to cultivate a sense of humor....

    SEE ISAIAH 3 -

    ...their countenance witnesses against they ownselves...they declare their sin as sodom...

    I was fortunate to be a part of an excavation of the Rockwall...

    oddly enough most people will argue about the most irrelevant points {ISSUES} first...


    {it's the language}

  4. Thanks for your comment above. Yes, indeed most argue 'the most irrelevant points (issues) first...' and while they spend their time spinning their wheels they NEVER get to the salient issue (judaism, in all its tangled forms).

    One has to completely escape all forms of popular media (tv, newspapers, popular books, radio, 'popular' websites etc) in order to begin to form opinions based on reality, not manipulated 'fakeality'.

    Something I find remarkable is trying to talk to individuals (smart people - well educated and somewhere, down deep inside, have an ability to be rational and reasoned) who read the newspaper and watch tele and consider themselves 'informed'. Yet everything that comes out of their mouth is purely misinformation. People sound insane. They aren't, really, nuts. But their outlook has been so warped (beginning when they were small children) that simple logic eludes them and they believe the unbelievable (19 cavemen with 19 boxcutters and a couple months worth of piloting lessons took control of 4 early morning trans-continental flights that happened to be nearly empty of passengers and these 19 were able to fly the 4 aircraft into 2 tall, aging buildings in NY; causing them to implode; the 3rd aircraft, expertly piloted, crashed into the Pentagon and the 4th had a heroic passenger revolt and crashed in PA in a little hole but left debris miles away.... ) .

    As long as the public continues to attend Holywood productions, watch their tv, listen to Limbo and Weiner, trust the 'right' or 'left'; we'll never win this fight.

    But the great news is that more and more individuals are awakening from their slumber. I know because I'm one.

  5. Very funny. Thanks for the morning smile. I wonder if the gasoline in the tank of my car is kosherized... whattaya think? I have been telling folks about the kosher tax for years and yanno... they just don't care! It is like that Holoco$t thing ~ whoosh over their heads!

    1. Oh, welcome Noor! Your visit put a smile on MY face -

      I'm enthralled reading Arnold Leese's 'Gentile Folly' on your blog - nearly finished now and I really appreciate you bringing it to your readers' attention.

      Visit anytime!!