Monday, March 11, 2013


This is very important! Here we have to get the word out, thanks to this man: Efthymios Kontopoulos; a poor but smart Grecian who has figured out a way to potentially fund his sagging retirement by operating the ol' Cattle Car Con (thanks much to Rehmat for doing his part to spread reality, and do realize I italicized and reddened some of  Rehmat's notes and am wholly responsible for the words colored Green):

The Zionists have developed some very interesting ways to sell their narrative ofShoah (Holocaust) - from porn to museums. Former Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban had once said: “There’s no business like Shoah business“.
Efthymios Kontopoulos 83, is a retired engineer from Greek railway. After he retired in 1985, he became a collector. He convinced the city officials to donate the Thessaloniki’s abandoned railway building for the purpose of establishing a Railway Museum. The building contains his collection of old railway carriages, photographs, maps, uniform buttons, an Ottoman-era conductor uniform, Morse code devices and a bathroom set salvaged from the Greek royal railway carriage.
Kontopoulos claims that four of the wooden cattle carts among his collection, were used to ship nearly 4,000 Greek Jews to Auschwitz. Though he has no historical proof to back-up his claim – but the Holocaust Museum industry has accepted Kontopoulo’s claim as part of its narrative of 49,000 out of 55,000 Jews living in Thessaloniki being deported by the Nazis during the WW II. (No proof, but who needs proof? It furthers the sob story! And that is what counts. We need a good CNN or Fox News team to travel to Athens and report on this incredible find! Is that skirt-chasing Irish guy, Bill O'Reilly available?)

Kontopoulos says his claim is based on common stories among the railway workers that these Belgium-made carriages for transporation of goods and cattles were used to transport Jews to the Nazi labor camps. After the WW II, some of them were converted to dormitory compartments for the railway workers.
Even though, there is no official record to prove that these are authentic Shoah carriages, some Jewish historians agree with Kontopoulos’s claim on the basis that Greeks traditionally are not strong on keeping records! (Bitchin! Those lazy Greek bastards are shitty at keeping records of the jews murdered by fascism! There's few official records for ANYTHING that determines the 'Hitler story' so why should this one be any different.  It is the story that counts. Let's donate money so we can film these 'cattle cars of death' and show the film to kids in school.  Let's also find a nationalistic Greek dude to blame since these death traps are now in Greece.
These ‘Shoah carriages’ are going to be the main attraction as the Thessaloniki Jewish community plans to mark the 70th anniversary of the deportations, this month. (Main attractions are important. It is what Walt Disney was keen on good main attractions as well).
The Jewish Federations of North America has already sent a large batch of Jewish pilgrims to Thessaloniki to witness the horrors of the Shoah, which late Canadian Chief Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut claims in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, was committed by Frankist Jews.  
What? No, Frankist Jews don't properly fit in the 'WWII narrative'. IGNORE THAT WEIRD CHIEF RABBI! He's got to be a fraud. Damn. I knew this entire paragraph should have been excised! IGNORE!!!!!
One Elie Wiesel-style ShoahMuseum already exists (Heads up - if it is a Weasel-styled museum, that means it is a great museum for spreading the official jewish word!) in Athens for the 100,000-strong Greek Jewish community. However, Athens is the only European capital city which doesn’t have a single mosque for 310,000 Athenian Muslims to pray even though under Muslim rule (1500-1821), the city used to boast over 70 mosques. Greece has a Mulim population of over 700,000.

Imagine that. 300,000+ Muslims and not a single mosque! Obviously, Greece (and Athens in particular) is a great, judeacized nation that recognizes its collective guilt for  the horrors jews claim to have faced for many hundreds of years.  

Despite that, the Grecians are certainly mean-spirited for honoring the Cattle Cars for so many years (and riding to work in them without crying every day!!). Did they not comprehend that ANY 'cattle car' in Europe is likely a 'Death Car'?  This failure on the part of the average Grecian man means the Greek nation certainly deserves to be stunted by the jewish bankers.  Yet, on the positive side, jews surely do admire Greece for not allowing a mosque to be built (and tearing down all the old ones).  But, (here's another negative that reflects Greece's anti-semitism) the population has failed to tear down every Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Roman Catholic church and cathedral. That makes the jewish minority grieve. And by now we've been properly taught that every nation's #1 over-riding goal should be to insure its jewish minority population is happy and content. That will finally happen when the Greeks burn down those Christian churches and agree to build new synagogues on the locations (with what remains of the public funds in Greece, of course).

Anything to further the story... anything to further the guilt-trip. And, let's ignore who truly runs Greece's convulsing economy... 

The Hero of our Story... Will the Shoal Industry Pay him for his Cattle Cars? Or will he be forced to 'donate' them to prove He's not another anti-semite? 


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