Saturday, June 22, 2013

'This Terror Strike Brought to You by Stu Seagall Productions, in Association with the US Armed Forces. Stay Tuned For Highlights From Next Week's Episode'

So I saw this video thanks to Dave McGowan's website, and it is remarkable. (Incidently, Dave has a new installment up as of yesterday so check it out)

Watch it and think of Boston... and think of the 'beheading' terror in England of a few weeks ago... and think of what's in store for next week or next month or next year.

What is real?

I know we as humans seek to trust - we want to believe what others tell us, especially those who claim to stand between us and those who, we're told, wish to cause harm. That's why I originally discounted all the 9/11 conspiracy angles. I wanted to believe my 'servants'. Admitting to myself I was misled, that I had been played for a fool was painful to my ego. But better damaged pride than to continue making my way thru life with that note stuck on my back reading: 'Buffoon'.

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