Friday, June 21, 2013

Clare Daly, TD

Clare Daly, member of the Teachta Dala, or lower house of Ireland's Oireachtas, explains Ireland's media is as corrupted as America's; and talks of the fetting and fawning of the Obamas by both the media and Ireland's Quislings who occupy positions of power. 

Daly calls Obama a potential Hypocrite of the Century Award Winner for his blustery b.s. directed at children in the North of Ireland; calls out Ireland's current Taoiseach, Enda Kenny of the hopelessly corrupted Fine Gael political party, saying: 'You (Kenny) have talked about the G-8 being an opportunity to showcase Ireland. But is it not a reality that you have showcased us as a nation of pimps prostituting ourselves for a pat on the head. To be honest with you, we were speculating this morning whether you going to deck the cabinet out in leprechaun hats decorated with a bit of 'Stars and Stripes' to really mark our humiliation here.'

Kenny responds by invoking the 'pride of Irish people worldwide' as being harmed and disgraced by Daly's accusations... Actually, Mr. Kenny, my pride as an Irishman abroad is uplifted by Ms. Daly's direct and forthright soliloquy and her criticism of America's sick foreign policy and Ireland's apparent willingness to be used in whatever way requested in return for that 'pat on the head' and a few pieces of silver. 

Most interesting however, is Kenny's repeated reference in his reply to Daly of the 'fragile peace' that currently exists in the North. Reading between the lines does it not sound as if Kenny is saying: 'Look - if we don't do as we're told by the big G-8 nations like the USA, Britain and America will put an end to the fragile peace and we'll be back to the days of sectarian warfare.' ?

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