Thursday, June 13, 2013

Abe Foxman Implies Free Speech an 'Unintended Consequence' of Internet

Oh, what to do, what to do. 

Poor ol' Abe Foxman. This internet thing is proving to be a giant pain in the old man's ass. Back in the day when zionists and jews kindly volunteered to act as gatekeepers for the media, it was easy to manage the flow of information. But then that damned internet came into being and suddenly the log-jam was cleared and there was a rush of free-flowing ideas. Haters with their pro-war ideology and pro-apartheid and occupation beliefs were still free to write and speak online, just as they had always been heard via the media. But those with pro-peace and pro-Palestine ideals also found an outlet for their previously silenced written and vocalized words.  And now language critical of Jewish myths, Israel and the Chosens is spreading like wildfire, thanks to the un-civilized internet. 

As Foxy points out, it didn't used to be like this: “It used to be if you wrote a letter to the editor, the newspaper would check your name,” Foxman said. “Today on the Internet you don’t have to provide identity.”

See? That's another problem. There's too much privacy in this world. People can anonymously type words that are critical of the jewish bankers; that are critical of the Terrorists who currently occupy Palestine; and words that bemoan the exceedingly awesome power retained in the US and Europe by a group comprising less than 2% of the total population. In fact, as I wrote a few months ago, politicians are agitating for all bloggers and websites to verify the names and addresses of all prospective commenters before such comments can be legally published.

“We have been talking to the geniuses at Palo Alto,” Foxman said in an interview. “We have said to them, ‘thanks but no thanks. You developed a technology that has some wonderful things but also has unintended consequences.’ ” And what are those 'unintended consequences'? Clearly the right of people to speak their minds, especially when their opinions diverge from those held by Foxman and his ilk. 

In response to the outrage known as free speech, Foxman teamed up with lawyer Christopher Wolf (yes, Fox and Wolf) to write a new book you'll all want to order right away entitled: Oh Shit! The Goys Are Awakening no, that's not it, sorry. The pablum bears the film noir-ish title of Viral Hate.  'Viral Hate' is sure to find its way to libraries and universities and churches everywhere. 

According to an article in The Forward, ' “Viral Hate,” which comes out this month, recommends an array of countermeasures. They include an emphasis in schools on educating kids on reliable sources, and parents encouraging their children to adopt responsible Internet practices.
Consumers, according to the book, should report hate speech to social media and Internet providers using tools made available for such protests.'

Fox and Wolf will, with assistance from hollywood no doubt, provide the tools schools can purchase and  then utilize in order to educate the young as to what 'reliable sources' are. I'll bet I can save them a bit of time (and money): Here are a few reliable sources OK'ed for the kiddies: Any major newspaper or television; the federal and state and local government; their authorized school books; most politicians and of course, the ADL itself. 

I tend to agree with the 2 predators about one thing, however: 'people should report hate speech to social media and internet providers'.  Amen!  
Every time we read something supporting the terror state of israel, we should recognize it for what it is: Hate Speech and thus it should be, following Foxman's lead, identified, highlighted and reported. See a pro-zionist article or comment? That's Hate Speech. Report it as such. This'll be fun! 

While viewing additional instances of hate speech on The Forward's website I came across an article of apparent pressing concern to America's chosens entitled: 10 Reasons Superman Is Jewish (it's the 'most read' article currently on their site). I didn't actually read the article, but I know for a fact Superman is indeed of the Chosen. It's simple really. See, he's fake-a creation of the imagination. That's all the proof one needs to assure oneself of Superman's jewish roots. 

Though a few pictures help, too:

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