Friday, May 10, 2013

California Again Leading The Way....

to hell.  

But first, 
promises, promises - I know - but I do swear I have a pretty good post that I'll be putting the finishing touches on Saturday and should be up in the evening. It wasn't my intention to start a blog and then let it sit and spoil. I've had a few false starts regarding two BMB posts on which I was working (I don't even know if I'll complete them now - I won't unless I'm able to find some additional facts) and work has been busy and (the best excuse of all) the Sun has reappeared in the heavens after a long, chilly winter!

So, I thank you for your patience. 

I'm amazed by the number of hits this blog has received since its inception three short months ago. I very much appreciate all of you who take the time to read my thoughts, and that's why I do indeed feel guilty when I'm not posting something worthwhile at least every three days. 

For now, I came across this article on Makow's site: 

The following bill in California actually passed the Assembly and is now moving to the Senate:

SACRAMENTO, Calif., —Assembly Bill 1266 passed out of the Assembly this morning. AB 1266 forces all California schools to allow students to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities consistent with his or her gender identity.

“By imposing this radical policy on all schools in California, the Legislature seeks to take away local control from the school districts, parents, and communities. What this bill is saying is the rights of a few students supersede the rights of all other students. AB 1266 will bring many unintended consequences for students, school districts and communities,” said England. “No student should be forced to sharebathrooms or change clothes in front of members of the opposite sex. AB 1266 mandates San Francisco values on all California schools.”
“This bill allows children of any gender to participate on any sportsteam, and enter into locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of their choice based on that student’s private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

Now, Karen England might not give a damn if I were to walk into women's locker room at her health club and catch a gander of her nude body (I haven't seen a pic of her but I'm kinda thinking she's one of the last females I'd want to see naked) but really now... Is a 13 or 15 or 17 year-old girl supposed to think nothing of it if a few boys decide to be 'gay for the day' and head into the girl's showers after gym class?

I can't think of anything much worse than, as a 13 or 14 year old, being naked in the showers and then, rinsing the soap from my face to see a half-dozen girls I go to school with giggling and pointing... I know many women who feel the same way. 

 How mentally unstable does one have to be to write or support this bill? Bad enough that it allows any 'different' boy unfettered access to girls either using the restroom or showers or in the locker room - that would, by definition, have to include voyeur as well. But nor would it only be voyeurs given access. Any perv, no matter what his (or her) persuasion would have total access, at least until a crime was committed (assuming it would be reported). 
And I'm glad I mentioned privacy because that is another expectation that is vanishing with the advent of cameras seemingly in every corner and hallway and street and commercial building, and now drones way up high in the sky to keep us safe from those cave-dwelling terr'ists. 

If this doesn't make it clear to all that school is an institution meant to corrupt the young and re-make them into drones who have zero critical thinking skills, nothing will. 

Finally, wonder why there are still some people wholly against gay marriage and gay culture? This is a prime reason. I really don't give a damn what someone else does in private, but that's not what gay marriage is all about. Everything homosexual is being used to (as Georgie Jr used to say) 'nucular' what positive aspects remain of Euro and N. American and S. American and Asian and African cultures.  All things queer are another front in the war on us - a war waged to judeafy every last aspect of our culture and family and soul. 

If you are young and wish to bring children into this world (and really I do encourage you to do so - nothing, I've found, is better) figure out how you are going to home school your offspring before you bring them into this world. 
Sending them to school is child abuse. 

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