Monday, July 1, 2013

Perp Pics

Please note this blog post was updated with 2 photos - one of Ms. Coba and one of Mr. DiLorenzo - on the second of July)

An anonymous commenter responding to this article  stated: 

'If you are from Oregon or Switzerland, does anyone have photos of those members of the boards of directors??? Photos now become very important. Every name that crops up should have a photo. Thanks'

That's a good idea. I'm certain the folks in the following photos are very proud of the big money they earn for their efforts to re-engineer nature. Therefore they deserve recognition whenever possible. So, without further ado, here are your candidates for Humanitarian of the Year:
Syngenta Chairman Michel Demare

Syngenta CEO Michael Mack

Syngenta Vice Chairman Jurg Witmer

Syngenta Board Member Vinita Bali

Syngenta Board Member Stefan Borgas

Syngenta Board Member Gunnar Brock

Syngenta Board Member Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Syngenta Board Member David Lawrence

Syngenta Board Member Eveline Saupper 

Syngenta Board Member jacques Vincent

Syngenta's Basil headquarters, with 'terrorists' climbing on building

Oregon Department of Agriculture's Director, Katy Soba, is owed a mugshot as well for this quote: "...this is the first time someone has deliberately taken the cowardly step of uprooting high value plants growing in our state. Regardless of how one feels about biotechnology, there is no justification for committing these crimes and it is not the kind of behavior we expect to see in Oregon agriculture." Yeah, whatever. Except I can't find a photo of the woman, as strange as that sounds. Additionally it is somewhat difficult to find pics of the people who serve as board members for Oregonians for Food and 
Shelter - the last thing I want to do is misidentify anyone. 

Thanks to a comment left by anon below, your hungry blogger confused Katy's name. Katy COBA, not Soba (that's a bit embarrassing... no, not for her) and, according to the same comment "Oregonians for Food and Shelter is the pet project of attorney John DiLorenzo (also known as "DiLo")"

So, following are photos of each, then onto the proud folks of Monsanto:

Not to be dissin' Ms. Coba... but her education (a BA) is not as extensive as one usually sees in State Director positions. If anyone knows her maiden name, I'd appreciate it in a comment below

John DiLorenzo, Oregonians for Food and Shelter (and a sales tax as this republican has tried to con the people of Oregon into accepting a sales tax to go with our income and property taxes)

Now, let's take a look at those who sit on Monsanto's Board: 

Hugh Grant. 2010 Chief Exec of the year as named by Chief Executive Magazine (I kid you not). 

Pierre Courduroux, CFO

Tom Hartley, VP and Treasurer

Steven Mizell, token brother, VP Human Resources

Nicole Ringenberg, VP and Controller

Gerald Steiner, VP Sustainability and Corporate Affairs

Brett Begemann, President and Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Robert Fraley, Exec. VP and Chief Technology Officer

Janet Holloway, Senior VP, Chief of Staff and Community Relations

Kerry Preete, Exec VP Global Strategy

David Snively, Exec VP, Secretary and General Counsel


  1. "Token brother" lololololololololol

  2. top shelf.

    Mug shots . . . arresting

    curiously the braindeadgoy are programmed to "feel sorry" for these AHOLES.

    Mr. A and his walking stick...

  3. The Director of Agriculture is Katy Coba. And Oregonians for Food and Shelter is the pet project of attorney John DiLorenzo (also known as "DiLo".) There are plenty of photos of both available online.

  4. KPR - Its nice to see someone is 'busting some moves' on this topic ;)
    My place got a malware attack - Penny and Kenny have had some tech issues too.
    Take care.